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  1. Pete180

    Ek9 Turbo

    I'll pm you mate
  2. Pete180

    Ek9 Turbo

    Should pop along 1 day mate! We've got our own chat going for old forum members to stay in touch
  3. Pete180

    Ek9 Turbo

    Very cool! Love the wheels. Where are you based? Would love to see this in person/come along to the forum meets
  4. Pete180

    EK9 Steering Wheel Refurbishment

    Good to see an older member returning and owning a car for over 10yrs! Not sure about the steering wheel though @Dzero4
  5. Pete180

    Carbon bonnet facelift 99-00

    Just another bump in case anything pops up
  6. Pete180

    Photos from July meet

    Next time bro!
  7. Pete180

    Photos from July meet

    Cheers buddy! Possibly some more members to come along? Who aren't in the group chat yet Good to see you all again, some great shots there. Till the next time!
  8. Pete180

    Turbo downpipe/ screamer pipe fabrication

    Only 1 place I know is D7R Fabrication over in Telford way, but going from word of mouth. I'm sure there's others over your way too if anyone else knows
  9. Pete180

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Sweet just wondered if they had that option if wanted. Sounds good mate
  10. Pete180

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Do they go much lower? will they go as low to tuck the tyre you think?
  11. Pete180

    My 98 jdm dc2

    Those centre caps!
  12. Pete180

    Carbon bonnet facelift 99-00

  13. Pete180

    Caged em1 coupe

    Fellow coupe friend! or was lol gd to see older members on
  14. Pete180

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Would love to see a yellow ek9 in person!
  15. Pete180

    Any og's still on here?

    Be good to see some old names come along to a meet. Less of the Facebook scene kids, these forums taught me loads
  16. Pete180

    EK9 sold Japanese auction £57,000 WOW

    Damn some people gonna be holding onto theirs now! :dance:
  17. Pete180

    ep3 suspension fit ep2

    Lol he hasn't signed in since 2018 and this post is from 2013
  18. Pete180

    Magnetic drain plugs - worth it?

    Should be a 1 time purchase, no reason to change it unless you break and snap it etc. Take it out each oil change, clean it up, put it back in. No issues with mine
  19. Pete180

    Update on H-swap EK

    Getting there man! Should be nice n fresh after paint