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  1. tico_ek9

    tico_ek9 from Cali

    I have done some trades & sales overseas.. I have been Here since 2007.... Email is FB Hans Garcia Give some feedback if we have done some deals
  2. tico_ek9

    Mugen Exhaust Headers

    Jasma Mugen Headers 4-2-1 for B18C DC2 also fits B16 for sale asking $500 + shipping will email pics & post soon
  3. tico_ek9

    SubFrame Choices for EK/EJ

    I have a 2000 Hatchback only USDM on Paper! lol I'm planning on going K20, but want more info about the subframes choices? I really want to keep my EJ's subframe., because I have the Civic Si's LCA's & swaybar. The Si LCA's are double the thickness of a EG's LCA's. So my real questions are...
  4. tico_ek9

    WTB: Cusco Roll Cage

    wanting & have the funds, I prefer a 4pt but 6 is fine let me know
  5. tico_ek9

    K20 vs. B18C EK swap Challenge

    I'm starting this to get all the pros & cons of the 2 swaps into a Civic... I want input from members who have done the swap or who has either in their ride. Info on swap parts & accessories "the musts", price $, & brands names. What WHP a K20 & B18C puts out + Gas mileage or Kilometers per...
  6. tico_ek9

    WekFest Wek'sos 2.20.2011 CALI

    SFWEKFEST 3 02.20.2010 1pm- 6pm Fort Mason Pavilion, San Francisco. CA :dance: Herbst Pavilion 99 Marina Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94123 (415) 441-3400 x554 WEKFEST 2011 :: weksos industries who's gonna be there let me know whats up... get there early line wrapped around the building!
  7. tico_ek9

    RPM trouble

    I have a 2000 EM1/Si my RPM cluster isn't working but the speedo, fuel, temp does...can't figure it out any suggestions fellas?
  8. tico_ek9

    Rear Fog Wiring

    I was just wondering how to wire-up the rear EK9 fog to your hatch? Any suggestions on tapping into your front fogs switch? I want it to turn on/off with the front fogs...
  9. tico_ek9

    Contest Please Vote!

    Can you guys vote for Belle Terre Elementary School. My friends son's school gets a little garden makeover. Can only vote once per day. Just wanted to help him out Thanks! :win: Victory Garden Contest | VerdeGo
  10. tico_ek9

    USDM 96-98 to 99-00 Dash Conversion

    DASH HARNESS CONVERSION Because USDM Hatches (EJ6) come power NOTHING! We have the fun to do "Dash Harness Swaps!" This also helps if you want the "touch of a button" A/C Bezel of a 99-00 in your Civic. You can use a 99-00 Civic Si or Civic EX harness. Or if you just want power on your...
  11. tico_ek9

    EK9 Wing BAse plate

    This is the 2nd time I've tried this... But I broke mine. The JDM shops around here will not part out.. SO please someone I need one bad & I have Paypal..I know I miss out on deals because some sellers don't want to deal with shipping but hey help out a fellow member..I will always be open to...
  12. tico_ek9

    IAT sensor??

    Does anyone know if a B20 IAT sensor is all the same with other B-Series? as mine snapped off! :please:
  13. tico_ek9

    1998 CR-V OBD2a ECU Pin Schematics

    Hey I have a big problem I accidently broke the clips that plug into my ECU & now have to replace them & re-pin the wires.. I've searched the web & can't find anything, so please help me out someone! It's for a 1998 Honda CR-V 4wd automatic USDM..
  14. tico_ek9

    CTR seat Rails Replacement

    I was wondering is there a certain type of seat rails you can buy that will make your CTR Recaros set lower? They are kind of high! links? I have a 2000 Hatch with CTR's
  15. tico_ek9

    Oem CTR Rear Calipers

    I need Rear Ctr or Itr rear calipers in good condition! I fyou have some for sale please email letting me know how much $$ & shipped to 95334 Cali please I really need this..Paypal is a must!
  16. tico_ek9

    US Popular Sport Teams in the Old World?

    I know Soccer is the biggest sport over there, In my Country too (Costa Rica). But living in the US I was wondering if American Football, Baseball, & Basketball was big over there? Also what are your Favorite US teams?? Baseball + No other than the New York Yankees :bow: Football + The Dallas...
  17. tico_ek9

    EK CTR wing mounting plate

    I cracked mine so I was wondering does anyone have a extra one for sale.. it's the ek CTR wing Mounting plate I believe it's called.. email me at & how mauch shipped to 95334 CA, US
  18. tico_ek9

    Cusco Zero2re help

    I have a setup of Cusco Zero-2r's (gas shocks) :secret: So my question is I need to get them refilled or refurbished. Does anyone know where I can go that does this for them in Cali or I can ship of to? Or just any info in General about the gas shock s thanks?
  19. tico_ek9

    CTR mirrors in a Usdm Hatch?

    :secret: I'm doing a Si dash harness, windows, & floor harness conversion on my 2000 Ej Hatch..Since I have everything off right now I might as well hook up the Ctr power folding Mirrors.. Does anyone have pics or a map or link? I have the ctr mirror clips, relay, & buttons with wire...
  20. tico_ek9

    real CTR in CA US ?

    I'm about to buy a 2000 real ek9 from Japan.. I live in CAli, US so as you know Dmv is strict about smog tags and all that ****! So before I buy, seller told me that it will be tagged, smogged, & registered..If any body here knows if this is a fraud or legit let me know please! Or does anyone...