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    [Ek9]HEL brake lines kit question

    Hello all, I have a very dumb question concerning a HEL brake lines kit. I have 2 hoses strictly identical but on two others the part that bolts to caliper is different... I have an ek4 with front and rear ek9 drivetrains but when I got it there was already stainless lines. Both rear are...
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    DC2/EK9 intake mani + TB

    Hello, I'm looking for an ITR/EK9 intake mani with OEM TB, MAP sensor and IAT sensor at least. I precise I'm living in France. Please PM me if you have one to sell and are ok to send it to France. Thank you.
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    Strut braces

    Hello, I'm looking for EK9 strut braces (upper front and rear) spoon, cusco, mugen. PM me if you have some to sell. Be careful for shipping, I'm in France. Thanks
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    96 spec DC2 wheels

    Hello, Looking for 96 spec DC2 OEM wheels to fit to a friend's CB7. Please PM me with price including shipping to France. Thanks
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    Looking for photos / build thread

    Hello Guys, I don't know where i can post it but I'm looking for more pictures of this car: Was on google looking for some exemples of EK diffuser and found it in an old sale thread here: Anybody knows if there's a build thread ?
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    S80 98' spec

    Hi guys I'm looking for a 98 spec S80 with the 4.7 FD in good condition. I'm from France, think about it before PM me :nice: Cheers
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    EG6 / EK4 rear calipers

    Hello, As said in title I'm looking for a pair of EG6 or EK4 rear calipers in excellent condition or refurbished. I live in France, think about it for shipping :nice: Thank you
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    Spoon street Muffler

    Hello, I am looking for an EK/EG spoon street muffler. Please PM me if you have one to sell (I live in France). Thanks
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    Which cams for my setup ?

    Hello, I rebuilt my engine few time ago and i'm planning on getting some cams for 2013 :naughty: My bottom end is a 1688cc B16 with 11.3 CR and was I was thinking about Skunk2 Pro1 or RM22x cams but i'm a bit affraid that they could be too agressive for my CR ... So i'm looking for some...
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    EK9 seat rails

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a pair of EK9 seat rails to fit recaro in my EK4. If you have it, let me know. Thanks
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    Legend calipers

    Hello, I'm looking for a pair of twin pot legend calipers in good condition. Thx in advance
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    [EK9] OEM pre-facelift front lip

    Hy guys ! I'm looking for an OEM EK9 pre-facelift front lip to replace my eBay copy. Concerning shipping please note that I live in France :) Thanks
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    [EK4] NicoEK4 build

    Hello ! As promised in my presentation here it comes a presentation of my car build which is in progress. Before my EK4 i owned an EK3 for 2 years and a half. Here are few pics of it before i sold it: I liked this car but after 2 years i wanted to change for something a bit more...
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    Hello from France

    Hi guys ! I'm Nicolas from Toulouse in South of France and i'm 24. I drive Hondas since 3 years. I currently have a Dark amethyst EK4 with some mods' and i had a white EK3 during 2 years. At the moment my EK4 is stopped because of headgasket failure so I decided to fully rebuild my...