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  1. Dan_EK4

    Engine flushes & additives

    Will be bringing my EK4 out of winter storage at the end of February and im looking into what I should be doing prior to driving it daily again. Car is due an oil change soon anyway and has been left in storage with only a small drop of fuel for the sake of it degrading. Is there anything worth...
  2. Dan_EK4

    Mitsubishi Evo seats in EK4

    Been after some Recaros for a while but DC2, EK9 and ATR seats go for crazy money but I noticed the Evo 2, 3, 4 and 5 have the same thrones as the DC2 teg and EK9 just with different fabric and are at least £200 cheaper. Anyone installed these into an EK4 or would I have to change the subframes?
  3. Dan_EK4

    Red facelift DC5 in Dumfries

    Spotted a red facelift DC5 Teg in Dumfries, twice I've spotted it now along the Edinburgh road in Heathhall, once in the wee Tesco. Just never seen a red DC5 before, never knew they came in red, very different. Anyone on here?
  4. Dan_EK4

    Icetronix- anyone had issues with them?

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience dealing with Icetronix in Ireland? Been enquiring about parts from an EK4 SiR they have for breaking. Been contacting them via their Facebook page but if im honest im finding them quite unhelpful. I would ask perfectly legit questions but would get...
  5. Dan_EK4

    Another VSM EK4

    Just thought I'd post some pics of my EK4 and talk a little bit about it and the project. My dad bought it from one of his customers (he works at a Honda dealer) at the end of last year, with the plan to give it to me at some point. The car has only had two owners from new, though the first...
  6. Dan_EK4

    EK4 SiR front lip

    Hey guys, looking for a JDM EK4 SiR front lip, seems like a bugger to get hold of since its no longer made and what I have seen is in the US. Anyone got one for sale or know where to get the elusive JDM parts? For reference its the Genuine Honda Access one like the ones in the pics below...
  7. Dan_EK4

    Best Panel filter?

    Those running standard airboxes, what panel filters you got in them? Going to be giving my EK4 a service in a wee while, thinking it best to upgrade the filter rather than keep a crappy paper one in there. Looked at K&N, HKS, Spoon and Pipercross. As far as I can see the Spoon number is an...
  8. Dan_EK4

    Forum Newbie from Scotland

    Morning all, just want to say a quick hello to fellow Honda owners! Really looking forward to this Christmas, my slightly tatty looking Jazz will be replaced with a lovely EK4. My Dad bought the car from a long term customer of his (he works at a Honda dealer), the only owner the car has had...