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  1. Dan_EK4

    Integra Type R DC2 breaking (96 spec jdm)

    Price for seats and any pics?
  2. Dan_EK4


    Any taillight seals available?
  3. Dan_EK4

    Edinburgh Sunday 27th September H/Gate

    Tempted to travel up from Dumfries but at the moment can't decide if it would be worth it or not!
  4. Dan_EK4

    Do not buy this !

    Not to mention rear bumper is held on with zip ties. I believe the exhaust fell off too, "breathing mods".
  5. Dan_EK4

    Rolling shots?

    Set your focus point to the closest part of the car to you and use Servo mode for continuous focus tracking. Obviously depending on the light but I found using around 1/125 sec shutter is a good start, going down to 1/60th if you are really steady. Use the IS on the lens that should help too. To...
  6. Dan_EK4

    My EK4 Sedan

    Awesome car mate! Them Prelude wheels working really well, all the mods you got going are just the ticket im a huge fan of the OEM+ look on Hondas. What was the process of doing the Ferio rear end conversion? I'm assuming the rear lights are totally interchangeable despite looking like a totally...
  7. Dan_EK4

    Some of the rarest honda's?

    Seen all of these, in fact my mum used to drive a 4wd Civic Shuttle. A Facebook page sone of you may be interested in is Old School Honda Tuning, some rare motors pop up on there. Think some of the rarest currently are the Honda City (original Jazz in the UK) and the Honda S-MX (or S MAX) one...
  8. Dan_EK4

    Civic Si b18c6 turbo from poland

    Lovely Coupe mate! Want them recaros! :P
  9. Dan_EK4

    TypeOne9 - CW 2000 RX

    Lovely example mate, no harm in speccing it with Spoon parts haha! Keep her clean :nice:
  10. Dan_EK4

    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    Absolute minter! That paint is looking ridiculous how much the reflections are showing, didn't realise it had a pearl finish either! Excellent work on the car, keep the updates coming!
  11. Dan_EK4

    Changed my steering wheel today.....

    Want an EK9 wheel in my EK4, ive been setting about making the interior a nicer place to be and giving it a bit of a freshen up, going down the red and black route, so an EK9 wheel would look lovely in there!
  12. Dan_EK4

    B16a2 Power

    As mentioned above you'd be spending alot of money to get those figures. My old man built his hillclimb/sprint EK4 with the following spec and was estimated 190bhp B16a2 B18cr head skimmed ported and polished Ek9 cams Skunk2 intake mani 68mm throttle body Aem V2 intake EP3 injectors...
  13. Dan_EK4

    MY 1992 JDM 4DR EG9 SiR Ferio (K20 update)

    Awesome dude! Great looking motor will certainly get second glances with the unique features compared to UKDM Vti. Tidy up that 'bay a bit more and it's a winner!
  14. Dan_EK4

    Engine flushes & additives

    That's the similar stories I've been hearing! Will be avoiding then!
  15. Dan_EK4

    Engine flushes & additives

    Yeah tucked away mid November. I heard some comments for and against engine oil flush before changing oil. Guessing this is a waste also? Duly noted sir ;)
  16. Dan_EK4

    Engine flushes & additives

    Will be bringing my EK4 out of winter storage at the end of February and im looking into what I should be doing prior to driving it daily again. Car is due an oil change soon anyway and has been left in storage with only a small drop of fuel for the sake of it degrading. Is there anything worth...
  17. Dan_EK4

    Ultimate budget economical fun daily!

    Honda Jazz or Honda Logo (do you get them in the Netherlands?) If you can import from Japan, the Jazz/Fit is your best bet with the JDM models coming with a 1.5 Vtec but most are an auto 'box. The L13 in the euro spec Jazz doesn't have much guts, but having owned a couple and being in one...
  18. Dan_EK4

    Initial D UK Stage Live Action Tribute - EP2

    I know you guys aren't professional actors, just doing this for a bit of fun, but the acting could still be improved slightly, I think if you're having a passenger they should be sitting a bit scared haha, not relaxed with no expression. Otherwise its good stuff! Good story line pretty similar...
  19. Dan_EK4

    white Ek4 SiR SpoonSports build

    Looks nice man, simple and clean! Looks better with the black Spoon rims but that's just my opinion!
  20. Dan_EK4

    OUTSIDERS japan film

    Got this when it launched out on DVD, its a great film im not even a huge fan of drifting but just knew I had to get it. On the DVD extras a few Hondas make an appearance in one of the tuning garages they visited. So its not all Nissans and Toyotas sliding about!