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    My 98-spec Milano Red JDM dc2

    lovely motor was this the car ur brother had while back
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    99 Honda civic sir ferio

    what you mean ek4 ferio style in europe do you mean a ek4 facelift vti civic saloon yes you get them
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    99 Honda civic sir ferio

    ive seen few ek saloons with them heres another 1 of honda-haven
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    99 Honda civic sir ferio

    yea uve fairly put few quid in it recaros,wheels ect imo they look the dogs dangles with the eg9 spoiler
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    99 Honda civic sir ferio

    what i pointed out on jon44 was that you said to some fella b16a only came earlier models not facelift thats were i quoted you and said the b16a came on the facelift jdm ferio si models which they did and you went off on 1 and didnt believe me as you thought ur car was no differnt from the jdm...
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    99 Honda civic sir ferio

    right heres a few more since you dont believe me dee Log in Log in honda civic sir ferio ek4 for breaking ! for sale in Dublin - jdm ek4 ferio were named si not sir and all came with b16a not b16a2 HONDA CIVIC FERIO SI | 1999 | NAVY | 138,000 km | details.-...
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    Japfest mondello park 9th september

    Mondello Jap-Fest 2012 Line-Up Starts to Build Irelands biggest motoring and motorsport spectacle, Mondello Jap-Fest, returns for 2012 with exciting line-up already starting to build. Top of the bill will be a list of International Drifters, assembled by Prodrift, who will perform alongside...
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    my old EG-6

    importer in northern ireland had that eg6 up forsale back in 2008 It's JDM - Import Cars For Sale | Page 8 | RMS Forum
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    any1 from donegal.ireland on here

    gribby thats some bump lol
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    93' EG6 SiR 2

    nice eg6 mate
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    EG6 pure track toy joy!

    nice eg man nice updates
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    someone buy this!!

    lovely example seen it yesturday not many left like it some one get it bought
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    My DC2 Type Rx

    real mint looking teg mate
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    My brothers' EG6 Sir

    looks lovely mate
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    My EK4 in Japan

    very nice mate looks lovely
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    northern ireland jap show 2012 6/5/12

    copy and pasted from another forum NI Jap Show 2012 Ok guys the time has come to reveal the details on Ni Jap Show 2012 Date - Sunday 6th May 2012 Location - Bishopscourt Airfield Race track, Downpatrick Features - Show n Shine, Ultimate Drift Championships round 3, trade village...
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    any1 from donegal.ireland on here

    got sorted mako and got we surprise when we got up to get the car has full mugen twinloop exhaust lol
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    any1 from donegal.ireland on here

    need bitta help its about a car advertised on donedeal and im looking to get hold of the owner been ringing his phone but no luck any1 from donegal see if yous no the owner could yous pm me thanks gary ***Mint civic sir ek4*** for sale in Donegal : €2,050 -
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    White eg9 sir ferio

    cracking car in flesh and goes well for standerd...
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    Gather Information - How to buy an Civic Type R EK 9 ?

    over in south of ireland ek9s are dropping in price honda civic type r for sale in Cork : €3,700 - honda civic typer ek9 for sale in Wexford : €3,350 - Honda Civic Type R for sale in Kildare : €3,800 - Honda civic ek9 type r for...