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    EK9 Rocker cover touch up paint or pen question

    Hi There Just wondered if anyone has found a good match of paint colour to touch up the small chips that appear on the EK9 red rocker cover and strut brace ? Or any ideas how to match the colour. Thanks Moray
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    Spoon SW388 or Regamaster 15 x 6.5 Alloy Wheels PCD 114.3

    I am looking for a set of either Spoon SW388 or Regamaster alloys in the 6.5" x 15" size think ET was 42 its for my EK9 so 5 stud on a pcd of 114.3 Thanks
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    EK9 Parcel Shelf

    HI There Anyone got a good EK9 parcel shelf for sale ? Thanks.
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    EK9 Exhaust system OEM Standard

    Hi There I am looking for a good condition EK9 cat back system OEM please in good condition if anyone has one. Thanks
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    Dunfermline or Edinburgh bodywork ?

    Hi There Any good places that members have used for EK9 rear arch repairs, near Dunfermline or Edinburgh just starting to bubble so want to get repair carried out at some point. Also looking for a good garage or mechanic in the above places for cam belt and clutch replacement Thanks Moray
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    Refurb black plate under EK9 rear roof spoiler

    Hi anyone got any tips on getting this back to black without spraying paint. Mine has faded over the years and wondered if anyone had any long ten success with any of the detailing products out there. Many Thanks Moray
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    EK9 Drivers door window switch unit & speaker grill wanted.

    Hi looking for a EK9 Drivers door window switch unit, in good condition please. Drivers door speaker grill also needed. Thanks Moray
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    EK9 Pre Facelift Headlight, Passenger side

    Hi I am looking for a good EK9 Headlight, passengers side. Anybody have one they would like to sell ? Please PM if you have. Thanks
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    Windscreen washer bottle EK4

    Looking for a windscreen washer bottle with the 2 pumps included. Car is an EK4 not sure what other Civics fit. Thanks Moray
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    Civic VSM Body Parts, bumper, wing, headlight

    Hi There Looking for a Facelift VSM front bumper, passengers front wing and passengers headlight. Front wheel arch lining. If you can help please pm with what you have. Many Thanks Moray
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    B16B Block

    I am looking for a bare B16B block, with mains caps and crank girdle. please pm if you can help. Thanks Moray
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    Refitting Door Cards Help

    Hi there I was refitting a door card yesterday after the door solenoid packed up and it took me ages. Now I have done this a few times and always seem to have trouble so can someone please help me on the correct way to do this as in does the small wing mirror cover need to be fitted before the...
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    Removing headlining help please.

    How easy is it to remove the EK9 headlining. Do you need to strip out the whole interior or can it be removed on its own. I would want to refit the headlining afterwards. Many Thanks Moray
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    Detailing and paint correction Required

    Hi, anyone recommend a Detailer with knowledge of EK9 Championship White around the Cotswolds, Oxford, Birmingham area. Thanks Moray
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    Headlight, per facelift near side

    Hi looking for a good genuine EK9 near side / passenger side headlight. Pre facelift. Please pm if you have one for sale. Many Thanks Moray
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    EK9 Drivers Wiper arm

    Hi I am looking for a great condition EK9 drivers wiper arm. One without any scrubbing showing the grey colour underneath. Many Thanks Moray
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    EK9 Championship White Rear Bumper

    Hi I am looking for a great condition rear bumper in Championship White from a pre-facelift EK9 pref 1998. If you have one for sale please let me know via PM Thank You Moray
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    Mugen Gold 5-way Adjustable Suspension

    Hi There I am looking for some Mugen Gold 5-way Adjustable Suspension for my EK9. Please let me know if you have any for sale via PM Thanks for looking Moray
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    Boot floor board

    Hi I am looking for a good condition hardboard boot floor for the EK9, I am in the South West near Cirencester. Thanks Moray
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    B16B block

    Hi I am looking for a B16B bare block, no crank, rods or pistons but must come with original main caps and girdle please. Bore condition not important. Please let me know if you have one for sale via pm letting me know how much you are looking for and where abouts your located. Many...