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    Soda/Shot Blasting Services: Scotland and Northern England

    Hi guys, I would just like to make everyone aware that we are offering shot blasting services either mobile or at our premises in the Scottish Borders. We can blast complete car shells or individual parts via courier. If you would like to know any more information please contact me on here or...
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    Mimms Honda Day August 2015

    Please checkout my coverage of Mimms Honda Day August 2015! To keep up with all updates please like my Facebook page:
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    Any meets tonight (21st March) In Edinburgh or Newcastle areas ?

    I live in between Edinburgh and Newcastle so makes no difference to me what way I go, any meets organised ? My EK4 is currently in half but will park around the corner in my daily :P
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    Nissan Silvia S13 180sx 300+ BHP

    Please check out my video coverage of a Nissan Silvia S13 180sx. It's not a Honda but I'm looking in the future to put together videos including more Honda's. Please like, subscribe and share the video! Deluxe Club Facebook Page:
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    Mimms Honda Day 2 2014 Video

    Please check out my coverage of Mimms Honda Day 2 2014! If you could share the video with your friends I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Japfest 2

    Hi, this is just a quick little video of my coverage of Japfest 2. I hope you enjoy it and please share the video!
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    Username Change

    Hello, could an admin get in contact with me regarding changing my username ? even if i cant could someone please let me know. Thanks!
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    Mimms Honda Day 2014

    Hi everyone. Please check out my video below of Mimms Honda Day 2014. Hope you enjoy and please like, subscribe and comment! Facebook:
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    Website to order JDM parts from Japan ?

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble finding a website to order parts directly from Japan. Does anyone know of any website that they or friends have used that is reliable and CHEAP ? Thanks for your help! (Wanting EK9 body parts)
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    EK4 Build Thread x Deluxe Club

    Hi everyone :) This is my little build thread I am making just for my own personal reference and anyone who is interested. :nice: I have a 1997 EK4 UKDM. Currently the car is being stored in my garage as I wait for the V5 to come through from the DVLA, I had to apply with a V62 as the car came...
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    B16A2 from 97 EK4 into 99/00 EK4 ?

    I am wondering if theres anything I need to replace such as the engine bay loom etc ? I have a 1997 EK4 as a doner car and im just transplanting the whole engine, driveline etc into a 1999-2000 shell. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated :nice:
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    North East Honda Meet

    Hi everyone. I seen online someone comment about a North East Honda Meet this month ?. I tried to contact the member but they didnt get back to me. Any information would be great!
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    Anyone available for a photoshoot ?

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a car to shoot (photoshoot not literally) In the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh or Newcastle area. Im new to Honda's and car photography so its all new to me. If you are available and would like to help me out please contact me either through comment, personal message...
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    Shell for sale ?

    Any rolling shells for sale ? (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle area will consider further)
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    Rolling Shell For Sale ?

    Hi, does anyone have a EK rolling shell for sale ? Thanks (Preferably Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle area)
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    Please check out my video edit!

    Hi, please check out my first YouTube video. I will be uploading Honda content in the next few months! Haynes Roadster x Deluxe Club x Short Film - YouTube
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    EK9 Rolling Shell with V5 Price ?

    Hello, does anyone know how much a rolling shell EK9 goes for ?, also if so do you have any links to examples online ? Thanks for your time :P
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    B16A2 Price ?

    Does anyone know how much a B16A2 goes for these days ? :thanks:
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    Windscreen for sale ?

    My EK4 windscreen is smashed, will a EK9 winscreen fit it ? If so does anyone have a windscreen that will fit my EK4 for sale ?, preferably Edinburgh, Glasgow or Newcastle area Thanks
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    EK9 Parts for Sale

    Hi there, Is anyone selling: EK9 Front Bumper EK9 Rear Bumper EK9 Wing Mirrors EK9 Spoiler Thanks for your time. (Cant post in classified forum as I only just joined tonight)