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    my jdm dc2 type r

    Just thought id share a few pics of the teg in here DSC_0014 by Dave Cutting, on Flickr DSC_0022 by Dave Cutting, on Flickr DSC_0025 by Dave Cutting, on Flickr Really unsure where to go with it next tbh, I have it up for sale but at the same time can't think what to replace...
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    Sun, Sea and JDM hondas :)

    As some may or may not know the DC2 is up for sale at the moment. So thought id make the most of the nice weather and get the camera out and take some more pics whilst I still own her. Still have no idea what to replace her with when she goes but I guess Ill cross that bridge when i get to it...
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    My dc2 thought id share :)

    Well this is my dc2 think ive posted a few pics a while ago but been very slack in updating or posting any more pics so thought id take the oppurtuntiy to show some recent pictures All pictures were taken by myself, Im a complete noob with photography and taught myself how to use it so they...
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    CW ek9 black wheels Isle Of Wight

    Seen it a few times facelift I think looked super clean, was in my dc2
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    My ITR back after 6 months

    Right so just before JAE this happened was devastated but it was fixable :) All finished Really happy with the final outcome :) had a fair bit done whilst at the garage also so will try remember the full spec list Spoon 4-2-1 manifold Tokyo express de-cat...
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    ARC or similar winglets

    as above really the ones that go under the front lip cheers dave
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    Hi everyone

    hi guys and girls, heard loads of people talk about the forum so thought it was time i signed up. Some of you may know me or recognise some of my cars from other forums so wont bore you to much lol will just throw up a few pics My old SiR-S The new current state thanks to old...