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  1. J

    Banjo size? Fuel Line

    Hey guys. Anyone know the size of the banjo fitting at the fuel filter end of the hose running from the fuel rail? Engine is b16a2. thanks
  2. J

    HELP!! drivers door will not open

    i got out of my ej9 locked the door went to the shop to get a few beers as you do, got back to the car and the key wouldn't open the door. the car has central locking from the drivers side. the passanger side opens fine so i can get in, but the drivers door won't even open from the inside...
  3. J

    changed my alloys

    hey, got some new alloys and painted them in mat black. tell me what you think... I'm loving them!!!
  4. J

    Supercharger conversion B18C4

    Has anyone out there done a conversion using a mini or mercedes supercharger on a b18c4? Took the ac compressor off and thought the extra pully could be used for a supercarger.
  5. J

    Immobiliser help!!!

    got an ej9 and about to do a b18c4 swap, will be using p9k ecu from mb6. will the current immobiliser on my car work or do i need to get the transponder and key/key barrel from the doner car??
  6. J

    Adjustable springs???? any good??

    saw these springs on ebay. has anyone out there used them? are they any good? they are for my ej9. was planning to fit regular 40mm lowering springs.
  7. J

    Slowly but surely - My EJ9

    here are some pics of my ride, bought a couple mths ago. I plan to do a b18 swap but i'm doing a few other bits while getting all part together for swap. this is what i've done so far. let me know what you think? -replaced 13s with 17s and painted spokes in black -added a front lip, didn't...
  8. J

    The birth of another project B18c4

    Wad up?? Just bought a B18c4 to put in my 97 hatch civic :)) Can't wait to drop it in and feel the power of that vtec!!! waiting for engine mounts, ecu, and wire loom. got a qustion for anyone who's done a similar swap - Will the immobilizer be affected by changing the ECU? And will I...