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    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Wow that is mega clean mate! Looks great in red!
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    SAW's Laguna Seca E46 M3

    Mate looks lovely! Love the csl wheels to! Good work!
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    My Y56 EK9 Rx

    Nice car this man.. Cant beat a yellow 9!
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    My new toy

    Wow looks good mate! Lovely colour!
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    New car in progress!

    Lovely car that mate and looks to be properly looked after! Good choice!
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    Great new pictures mate!
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    Le Mans 2014 Trip

    Great pictures mate! I went in 2012 and loved it, my friends went this year and said it was good. Noticeably busier they reckon and yeah mega expensive for a beer inside etc.. But that's what you expect though eh lol
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    Nurburgring DN10 track day report - E46 M3

    Car is still looking great mate! Nice trip to the ring again it seems, nice one!
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    My S2000

    Looks awesome man! Hardtops rawk!!!
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    Sili's EKK20 NightHawk

    Quality mate! NHB spray looks great!!
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    My 98 spec dc2 integra

    Carbon wings are class mate Where did you get them from mate?
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    Jesse888 Forged/stroker turbo ek9

    Nice one mate.. Looks like a great set up!
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    some quick photos of my garage queen 9er

    Lovely car man! Looks in great shape! The plate is quality to!
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    Skyline R33 GTR V-Spec

    Very nice mate, can't beat a nice GTR! Good work..
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    NZRacerX's EK9 - 19/10 Interior Pics Up

    Looks quality mate!!
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    Shuthans B18C-R CGP EJ9. (Fresh update P.9)

    Great condition car this mate, really is in great nick! And the seats are mega to, dread to think what they cost! Lol good work sir!
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    My K20 Rotrex dc2

    Quick dc2 that!
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    Did you find a manifold mate? I have a skunk 2 Alpha series header, brand new / boxed and in used if your interested. Tom
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    Adjustable De-cat and lowerd rails / ITR ones

    Still need an adjustable de cat mate? I have one in my garage I removed when I fitted my J's de cat in place. I can check delivery costs when I'm back from my holiday if your still interested Cheers
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    Aftermarket mani b18c 2.5 inc

    I have a skunk 2 alpha header mate, brand new still boxed up. I brought it for my dc2 so perfect for your b18 Ek! Pm me if interested mate :-)