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    Bargain!b18c4 head cams etc.£70

    I paid it! Thanks Blinx, thanks Integraz
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    Bargain!b18c4 head cams etc.£70

    You have a private message.
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    b16b swap issues! pls help.

    You have to do wiring carefully. Take the book, there are lots of download links for Civic Si with B16A2 engine. They have explained SI wiring P2T ECU. This is OBD2B. Measure values on sensor and compare with those in Book (service manual). For example it will tell you that TPS have to give you...
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    Spoon cams setup?????

    There is no recommendation from the Spoon?
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    uknown problem

    rubber seals around the brake piston can be damaged, that needs to be replaced. But if the problem happens occasionally and in the first and fifth gear, that is really strange.
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    Help please need answer soon!

    "The more I learn about women the more I love my car!" Great!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    Help please need answer soon!

    Ok it is clear now, I hope. Yes it does. So the block B20 and B16 have different positions of holes for oil supply. If the head was on B20 and Vtec was working guy had to tap the hole and to drill another. Tapping is making tread and putting screw that you can unscrew again if you use it. If...
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    please look an help:):):)dam rattle !!!

    - I think also this
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    b16b swap issues! pls help.

    RPM is controlled by ECU using parameters how much air you supply to engine, and how much fuel you deliver. Ignition should not be the case here. But you should try to explain more in detail. ECU gets info - no AIR, no Throttle Put of connector and disable TPS sensor. See if it is sending...
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    Help please need answer soon!

    explane, do you want to put Vtec head on the D block, or B block, or just want to disable Vtec? You can drive car without engaging Vtec.
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    material to dissipate heat.

    Copper or aluminum are two materials that conduct the heat well. Thus, copper core aluminum cooler for microprocessors. Ribs are used to make surface bigger in order to transfer heat to a colder surrounding air. Racing oil pans have ribs on the bottom to pass the heat to air. As Blinx said...
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    Oil Burning Only In Vtec ??

    Ways of oil finding way into compression space? 1. Spark rubber rings. Have to check them. -easy check 2. Valve stem seals. Not fixed well. Broke. - easy check 3. Oil ring. During brake out procedure you forced engine a bit. Compression ring was ok, but you broke oil ring on the piston. - ****...
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    OEM clutch and lightened flywheel. Counterweight?

    I used clutchmaster FX500 cluch set, that is really much harder than the OEM one. Also I used Fidanza flywheel with it. I did also put longer first speed and 4.928 Mfactory final drive, but it is not good combination for the 1/4 mile. Did not improve time, as you have to use fifth gear, but...
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    Who owns/made

    Nice nice
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    what was the worst mod(s) ever done to your ride?

    Deam, I hope mine will hold!
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    My EK wont go into Gear at all

    What gear does not engage, first, second, all? It does not mean if the linkage is tight, that you must be able to engage gear. Disconnect the linkage, go below car try to change gears by hand it here is too much resistance detach transmission from engine and see if you have problem with springs...
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    Turbo kit or N/A power

    This is it, then 400 HP will be safe! Blinx told you what!
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    Gearbox code

    Someone really make good cleaning job!
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    Long tumble to cold start!

    Please wait till someone else confirm what I wrote. People write lots of stuff I am damn to read all and remember. I have also check the book by Robert Bowen: How to rebuild and Modify your MT isbn-13: 978-0-7603-2047-1 isbn-10: 0-7603-2047-0 in which there was B transmission described...
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    bruce lee

    ****..... unbelievable