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  1. rvm

    my Heisei 10 シビックタイプR EK9

    Stunning!! :)
  2. rvm

    Back on after several years - Wanted EK9 - Facelift or Pre Facelift

    Welcome back. Hope you find an ek9 soon :)
  3. rvm

    EK9 Production Numbers

    Thanks for the information.
  4. rvm

    civic barn find d14a8 90bhp

    Do you want to know an approximate price for selling it?
  5. rvm

    My starlight black pearl facelift ek9

    Stunning car, thanks for sharing :)
  6. rvm

    Mileage and year

    128,125 miles :(
  7. rvm

    Finally in a ek9

    2000 Type RX?
  8. rvm

    Finally in a ek9

    Nice car :)
  9. rvm

    New member greetings from Japan

  10. rvm

    New noobie form Sweden!

    I didnt understand you well but yes, parts are interchangeable between models.
  11. rvm

    Cleaning the OEM recaro's

    Thanks for sharing.
  12. rvm

    New member with a Y56 ek9

    I always wanted a y56 eki! :welcome:
  13. rvm

    JDM EK4 B18 swap - What can i keep

    I think you're all covered. What exhaust manifold do you have?
  14. rvm

    Any og's still on here?

    Try ebay or facebook marketplace, that's the only place to sort them now :(
  15. rvm

    Feedback needed for upgrading

    I will say to start with a aftermarket ecu, for example a hondata s300. The 70mm skunk2 throttle body is an overkill for your setup in my opinion. Get the ecu, some lightweight wheels, Cold air intake (mugen, skunk, or any other good brand), a good catback system and you'll have great setup for...
  16. rvm

    Any og's still on here?

    Lol, :rvm:
  17. rvm

    Any og's still on here?

  18. rvm

    B16b Exhaust Manifold

    The B16B is you a destroked B18C, you need a B18C exhaust manifold. :)
  19. rvm

    Hey from Iowa

    :welcome: What a nice project! Do you have any problems driving your car in USA since it is a RHD?