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    Petes VSM EJ9 - Now B16!

    Thanks man :)
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    Petes VSM EJ9 - Now B16!

    Thanks guys :)
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    Petes VSM EJ9 - Now B16!

    So, I got the engine cleaned up today and got everything put back in the bay :) I definitely need to tuck the bay but really don't have the time at the moment :/ hopefully I can get it done soon though Nice and clean, the engine is in the bay now and all mounted up, didn't snap any...
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    Petes VSM EJ9 - Now B16!

    So, today I started on painting and I love how it's turned out! :D Started out with a bit or primer then 3/4 coats of VSM The VSM turned out nice, thought about leaving it at that but now it's all finished I'm glad I didn't haha Time for some candy apple red! Oh it looks...
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    Petes VSM EJ9 - Now B16!

    So I picked this up, A B16A2 :) it came up cheap so I had to grab it! Got the Y21 gearbox and P30 ecu with it too :) It's done just over 70k miles and although the outside doesn't look that nice I have stripped it down and it looks very clean and healthy inside, so here's hoping for the...
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    Petes VSM EJ9 - Now B16!

    Hey guys, haven't really been on here lately but I popped on today and had a poke round and though I should pop up a build thread, just copied from civiclife :) Hey everybody, so I've had my civic about 2 months now, haven't really done alot to it but I thought it's about time I put up a...
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    1st Gen. CIVIC K SWAP!

    Now that's what I call a build! ******* awesome, it's crazy clean haha :shocked:
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    EP3 vs GTR at Nurburgring

    I think there's a link to the specs in the description of the video, not in English though :/
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    Hello From the UK

    Welcome buddy :) get some pics up? And yes, you can take an EK9 to London aha
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    K-Tuned Stage 4 - Really everything you need?

    I'm no expert but looking through the list I couldn't think of anything else you might need.
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    Stupid insurance quotes?!..

    Totally man, I'd just expect a 1.4 civic to be a little affordable aha
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    Stupid insurance quotes?!..

    Yeah, £1400 is cheap for 0 no claims, I paid £2100 for my works van with 0 no claims :/ hopefully going to get a honda next year though :)
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    Stupid insurance quotes?!..

    Dude, Honda's are generally more expensive to insure, I'm 19 with 1 year no claims and im looking at about £1800-2000 just for a 1.4 EJ9 :( with 0 no claims you might be able to get an EJ9 at about £2500, but no cheaper :/
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    Finally got my anniversary seats in the ej9

    Very nice man, supersonic is my favourite colour in the EJ9 :)
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    Milano V Supersonic - Photoshoot

    Gorgeous! 2 awesome looking cars :nice:
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    From a "Type R" to a "Type S"

    Never like the new accords, but after seeing one tastefully modded like this, I love it :) That is the best engine bay picture I've ever seen, that purple is awesome! :shocked:
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    Crap sticker

    Taking sleeper to the next stage haha
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    My K20 supercharged EK9 *update p.26

    Awesome build up man, can't wait to see it finished :nice:
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    new user from Nottingham

    Welcome man :) Nice teg, haha that mini is going to be crazy! Get a thread up about it, can't wait to see it finished :D
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    my new ek9 ;) what you think?

    Very nice buddy