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    Hybrid Racing, EG/DC2 K20 swap parts

    Item for sale: Hybrid Racing K swap mounts Reputation: Price: £350 excluding delivery Paypal: Yes please, buyer to pay Paypal fees Location: Northern Ireland Condition: Brand new Description: EG/DC2 mounts Pictures...
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    ali619 reputation thread

    Please leave my reputation here please
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    Enkei RPF1's,

    Item for sale: Enkei RPF1's; 15", 4x100, ET41, 7J Price: £650 excluding delivery Paypal?: Yes - with covered fees Location: Northern Ireland Condition: See Photo's
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    Kpro v1

    Hi guys. I have a friend who has a kpro version 1 and he is asking £400 for it. Is that what I should be paying for a version 1? I have had a look and cant find any prices as a guide. Any help would be appreciated
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    Civic dilemma

    Alright guys, just wanted to ask for some advice as I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I was building up a K20 ESi EG, but like all other projects life gets in the way. The car itself has had a full respray so the exterior is stilling perfectly, running 100% but more recently I have found that I am...
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    Lower control arms choices

    Hi guys So I'm in the middle of sourcing some suspension for my civc. While I am at it I want to upgrade my rear lower control arms, but what I want to know with so many brands is there any significant difference in the brands? As there is alot to choose from i.e. Skunk2, Cyberspeeds, BWR etc...
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    No brake pressure

    Hi there guys, Just looking for abit of advice really. My EG has developed an issue, there is no braking pressure until the pedal is right onto the floor. The brakes have been bled multiple times, I did have 3 calipers which had to be replaced but all 4 corners have been bled but I still have...
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    EG brake master cylinder upgrade

    Hi guys, In the middle of building up my EG ESi civic and I heard that upgrading the brake master cylinder should be one of the things I should upgrade, infact I believe my current one is faulty so I might aswell upgrade, which is the best one to go for? the DC2 or EK9 brake master cylinder...
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    EK9 steering rack

    Looking for an ek9 steering rack What have ye's?
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    E Nardi Signature Wheel

    Item For Sale: E Nardi Signature Wheel Condition: Used Location: Co Antrim Price: £80 excluding delivery **buyer pays 4% Paypal Surcharge Description: Bought this with the intention of putting it in the Civic but I have now since changed my mind, I am unsure of size it's around...
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    AEM Induction System

    Item for sale: AEM Induction System Price: £100 posted Location: Northern Ireland Condition: Very good, could do with a quick polish to make it shine! Description: Hello ladies and gentlemen, here we have my long ram AEM induction system for sale. It comes off my B16a EG6 simply...
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    N.I Honda Owners 28th July 2013 Meet

    N.I Honda Owners 28th July 2013 Meet From the staff at N.I Honda Owners, We would like to invite you to our next monthly meet! Getting the word out to all you Honda heads! Be there or just go buy a Volvo… Usual place etc; Date: 28th June 2013 Location: Sprucefield,(Lisburn)...
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    N.I Honda Owners 16th June 2013 Meet

    N.I Honda Owners 16th June 2013 Meet From the staff at N.I Honda Owners, We would like to invite you to our next monthly meet! Getting the word out to all you Honda heads! Be there or just go buy a Volvo… Date: 16th June 2013 Location: Sprucefield,(Lisburn), Marks and Spencer food...
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    Potential EG K Swap from damaged EP3

    Hi guys, I have came across a damaged EP3 and I want your thoughts as I don't know the value of damaged cars. Its an 04 with 78,000 and he wants £1300. the damage is front end, he mentions the airbags haven't deployed. And here's a picture Now he mentions that the engine does run, but...
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    NI HOC Sept 23rd meet

    Right guys its time to start thinking about our September meet! Sunday 23rd September 7:30pm at Sprucefield M&S carpark in the red box shown here :- Please do not park elsewhere, we do not bite and really what is the point in coming if your not going to participate and socialise? You...
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    EK bumper required

    Hello guys I am after a 99/00 EK bumper, basically this one; I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONDITION, EVEN IF IT IS SPLIT IN HALF. I just need the bumper for its vents. So if anybody wants to donate one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    Helmets, talk to me!

    Hello people. I am looking to purchase a helmet for track days. I have set myself a budget of no more than £150. But I have no idea where to begin looking for them or what to look for! I had a quick search on demon tweeks and I see the prices vary incredibly. Does anybody have any tips on what...
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    R/C drift thread

    Thought I's start a new thread dedicated to R/C drifting seeing how members responded positivity and were asking questions on another thread. Guess this thread can be used to share knowledge, experiences, links and for noobs to ask questions. Guess I'll start, I bought a Tamiya TT-01D...
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    Brake Lines

    Hello folks, I am basically after some advice from yourselves; I purchased a project EG and will be slowly building it up as my daily runner but also plan to track it every so often. So with that intention in mind I want to upgrade my brake lines to something more durable, reliable and that...
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    A very interesting video about tyres

    Dangerous Tires - YouTube