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    Petes VSM EJ9 - Now B16!

    Hey guys, haven't really been on here lately but I popped on today and had a poke round and though I should pop up a build thread, just copied from civiclife :) Hey everybody, so I've had my civic about 2 months now, haven't really done alot to it but I thought it's about time I put up a...
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    This needs stopping NOW!!!!!

    This guy is properly unhappy with the fuckin' wind out there!! :lol: This must be stopped NOW!!! I beg you spread this news!!! - YouTube
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    Bored, read this! Haha

    Just popped up on Civic Life, really funny! E-mails from an *******
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    Sebastian Vettel the 2012 Formula 1 World Champion

    What did you think of this season? Especially the Brazilian GP yesterday afternoon? :) Sebastian Vettel 2012 - Hall of Fame (BBC) - YouTube
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    Do you smoke?

    This just popped up on my facebook, love it haha. :nice: Umm Excuse me mam....Do you smoke? - YouTube
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    Incredible S2000 build up!

    Just found this awesome S2K turbo build on Civic Life, one of the best builds I've seen :shocked: Definitely worth a read :drool:
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    V10 Engine ;)

    Not sure if anyones seen this, awesome video, sounds so real haha How to make a v10 lamborghini sound with your mouth - YouTube Skip to 5:25 to hear the sound
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    South Mimms 3

    Just browsing some Mimms vids from earlier, found this nice little video, guys got some pretty cool vids on his channel :) South Mimms 3 2012 [Stance Daily] - YouTube
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    White DC5 in Telford

    Saw a white DC5 in Ketley, Telford the other day, didn't notice much about it except jap plates, anyone on here? :nice:
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    Jumping into frozen pool!

    Guy tries jumping into a frozen pool with obvious results haha, gave me a good laugh :clap: Catch the Ice Dude - YouTube
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    My EK9 drawing hahaha

    Just been sorting out the loft and I found my old sketch book from when I was about 9/10 anyway, here's my drawing of a "Toyota Civic" Haha, gave me a good old chuckle. I clearly didn't have very good taste back then according to the body kit and flame decals haha.
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    Amazing sound!

    Honda Tuner Meets Smokehoes - YouTube 2 minutes 45 :drool: EP3 with 300bhp N/A
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    Crazy camber!

    Extreme camber. Back from the future? - YouTube Came across this video, it's ridiculous lol! :clap:
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    Jordan bottom of The Rock, Telford

    Popped down to visit my uncle this morning and spotted a Jordan at the bottom of the rock, looked totally standard and it had a flat front right tyre :(( anyone know anything about it?
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    K20A Help

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm wondering if anyone knows the size of a K20A I've googled the dimensions with no luck :/ Just wondering if it will fit in my Renault Kangoo van ;) the engine bay is the same as a Clio 2 :)
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    EP3 vs GTR at Nurburgring

    Battle Honda Civic TypeR EP3 x Nissan GT-R ... Nürburgring Nordschleife BTG 24-07-2010 - YouTube Just thought I'd share this :) 250bhp EP3, perfect example of fast driver vs fast car :P
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    Hi everyone :)

    Hi, new member from Telford, Midlands. Don't own a Honda yet as I'm only 18 :angry: but hopefully I'll have one soon :))