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  1. ColbyCol

    Various OEM and Aftermarket B Series / EK9 parts for sale

    Item for sale: Genuine OEM EK9 & Aftermarket parts Reputation: Price: As listed below... Paypal?: Yes, buyer covers the fees OR cash on collection but will require a deposit to hold items. Location: Ruislip, NW London Condition: All...
  2. ColbyCol

    Crash Damaged EK9 Shell + Breaking Various Parts

    Hey guys... had a bit of a mishap with my 9 earlier this year when someone decided to pull out on me down a country lane at night with no lights on. I opted for the ditch rather than a full on rear end shunt with said car. As you can see above it took a bit of knock to the offside rear quarter...
  3. ColbyCol


    Anyone planning to go Japshow at Pod on the 9th? Not seen anything about a stand but just curious as i'd like to get the car into the show and take it up the strip but didnt know if its possible without being in there with a club? Thanks in advance :)
  4. ColbyCol

    ColbyCol Feedback

    Hey guys, If I've ever sold to or bought something from you it would be great if you could post a comment / feedback. :thanks: Col
  5. ColbyCol

    Champ white EK9 with grey wheels on the Watford ring road?

    Looked clean and apart from the wheels it looked fairly standard but nice to see a 9 out and about :) Anyone on here? I was in a red Micra so I doubt you'd have noticed me lol
  6. ColbyCol

    Abs to non-abs...

    Evening all, Just curious... Im currently re-shelling my RX ek9 into a facelift shell. My old car had abs but the new shell doesn't and Im currently on the fence as to whether I should convert system and keep abs or just live without it. Thoughts?
  7. ColbyCol

    Leaky boot... Done both rear light seals :S

    hey guys, I've got a bit of a leak into my boot on the RHS... Done both of the rear light seals but its still getting in somewhere. It puddles up on the 'shelf' bit of the boot floor next to the spare wheel well even when not driven so fairly sure its not coming in via the wheel arch as I've...
  8. ColbyCol

    4.7 FD and syncro rebuild

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can tell me how difficult it would be to change my final drive DIY? I am reasonably mechancially minded but never had a gearbox apart before so just curious. If I was to get someone to fit it for peace of mind how much would I be looking at? Would it be...
  9. ColbyCol

    Rays / Volk Racing TE37's (x 2) 5x114.3 - 6j/6.5j/7j etc

    As title, looking for a pair of TE37's (5x114.3) 15s in either 6, 6.5, 7 or 7.5j I have a pair myself so just looking to complete a set. Cheers :)
  10. ColbyCol

    Sunlight / Phoenix Yellow EK9 leaving Japfest

    Had a little play with a beautiful yellow 9 coming home from Japfest, sounded wicked! Wish we could have had a better run but I had 3 people and a baby on board!
  11. ColbyCol

    Skunk2 Megapower system - value?

    Just wondering if people could give me a rough idea on how much a Skunk2 mega power 60mm mid pipe and back box would be worth second hand in 'as new' condition? Its been on my car for just over 6 months and will clean up like new - no big dents or scratches as the car has always been driven at...
  12. ColbyCol

    Japshow @ Pod

    I take it there's no club stand at this one but is anyone on here planning to go? In two minds whether to run on the strip or not... temped to leave it and just go on a RWYB day rather than at a show where realistically you only get 2 or 3 runs because of how busy it gets... thoughts anyone?
  13. ColbyCol

    Speedo Calibration?

    Just wondering if anyone in the London / South East knows of anywhere that deals with speedo calibration? Only had my ek9 a month or so but found that the speedo is a little happy... reads about 5-10mph over at low speed and more like 10 - 15 at high speed. Not massively fussed about what the...
  14. ColbyCol

    Colby's EK9

    Hi guys I'm fairly new on here so be gentle! :p For the last year and a half I've had a Yaris T sport...lots of people laughed when I first got it, everyone else having a fiesta zetec s or similar but then it had a bit of work done and started raping all of them (straights and twisties) so...
  15. ColbyCol

    EK9 Heater Vents, swap-able with EK4 civic?

    Hi guys, Just bought an EK9 on the weekend, its a lovely car but has a few little bits that need tidying up... Its missing its center right air vent (the one in the middle of the dash by the heater controls). I was just wondering if anyone knows if an ek4/ej civic air vent would fit in the...
  16. ColbyCol

    Newbie looking to pick up an EK9 on the weekend - anyone know the car?

    Hi guys, As per the title I'm looking to pick up an ek9 I've found on Pistonheads... looks a solid clean car but was just curious if any of you guys know the car itself or could point me in the direction of the ex-owners build thread (if there was/is one)...