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  1. Dzero4

    EK9 Winter Refresh 2020

    Looking great dude! awesome to see it being kept well!
  2. Dzero4

    Where can I get this

    just find another honda that has some in a breakers yard, and take that lol.
  3. Dzero4

    Where can I get this

    nope, cant find a black one anywhere. grey ive seen one go to the guy you sent a picture of above. just not worth the hassle, get some interior lighting kit out another honda and fit it in and its still oem honda if i were you.
  4. Dzero4

    Where can I get this

    It's a Honda Access Column Light, they cost the best part of $1000 now. and are EXTREMELY rare, I have been trying to track down one for 3 years with little success.
  5. Dzero4

    EK9 Steering Wheel Refurbishment

    by far one of the best retrim jobs ive seen on an OEM wheel, might have to get in touch!
  6. Dzero4

    WTB - Genuine facelift fog light kit ASAP

    message you bro
  7. Dzero4

    WTB - Genuine facelift fog light kit ASAP

    Hi all, Im searching for a brand new EK Fog light Kit, has to be genuine! Please DM me with anything you have, thank you
  8. Dzero4

    WTB: Facelift EK9 Headlights

    Pm me please
  9. Dzero4

    Server Hard Drive Failure

    EK9 forum seems to be picking up the last 12 months, especially with all the posts on social media about the mega expensive ones at auctions!
  10. Dzero4

    Rear brake calipers for ek9 2000

    message me if Irf cant help you
  11. Dzero4

    Server Hard Drive Failure

    Glad to hear @rvm As Jclimb said, more than happy to help admin the site as it's becoming more and more active!
  12. Dzero4

    Pic request of OEM EK9 key!

    good one reviving a 9 year old thread, those keys are not genuine and just cheap aftermarket made stuff. the EK9, did not have a fancy key or was it an option or accessory. normal models had the same basic key as all 80s and early (non immobiliser cars) and Type-Rx models came with the...
  13. Dzero4

    WTB - Facelift EK4 / EK9 front Lip

    as per title looking for a GENUINE facelift EK9 / EK4 front lip, in any colour as will be repainted anyways. can arrange a courier to collect within UK to save hassle. thanks
  14. Dzero4

    EK9 Production Numbers

    Silver is the best colour too :P
  15. Dzero4

    Facelift EK9 Rear Lights

    completely different. UK/euro spec EJ9/EK1/EK3/EK4: Only the upper portion illuminates when you turn the lights on. as one of the lower sides has the legally required fog light. see photos 1 and 2: JDM Spec EK2/3/4/9: Both the upper and lower portions illuminate due to no requirement of a fog...
  16. Dzero4

    Anyone know where to get prefacelift ek9 headlights??

    New will set you back the best part of £2000 IF, big IF, you can find them. the US market snap em up all the time.
  17. Dzero4

    EK9 Production Numbers

    awesome to finally verify, seems to line up with what we had in the EK9 registry and closely with this post
  18. Dzero4

    Track day exhaust

    RM01A alllll day.
  19. Dzero4

    New member, not so new car

    i'll have to try find you next time im visiting family down that way