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  1. Mark Mckay

    Where can I get a de wiper bung online?

    Looking de wiper bung ASAP for ek4 civic?
  2. Mark Mckay

    What there worth

    alright pals I’m from nothern Ireland and I’m just curious on how much proper ek4’s and ek9’s are going for around Northern Ireland and uk ? Not 1.4 swaps. I saw a couple of ek4’s up ranging around £3000 And few ek9’s around £7000. Anyone seen any up and what money are they both making ...
  3. Mark Mckay

    What sort of price

    Anyone on here import a ek9 recently. What sort of money is it to import a facelift ek9 atm?
  4. Mark Mckay

    Where to buy civic car cover?

    where can I buy a Honda Civic ek4 car cover? After a really good one?
  5. Mark Mckay

    Manifold opinions ??

    these two new manifolds on eBay 4-2-1 and a 4-1. What would be the best one? Or would I be better with a second hand decent brand one ?
  6. Mark Mckay

    Ek4 civic

    So I'm back with another ek4, after selling my last ek civic a few years ago I always new i would end up with another. Drove a dc5 for a year then a wee mr2 while I searched for a low mileage example for over a year but I've finally found one. This one came up locally from a friend who bought...
  7. Mark Mckay

    B16a2 manifold

    looking to buy a aftermarket manifold for a b16. What would you recommend? What you's got for sale? Thanks
  8. Mark Mckay

    Couple questions about clutch ek4

    So thinking about changing my standard clutch and flywheel for light weight one whats the best light weight clutch And flywheel for ek4 civic ? And where's the best place to buy it? Car will only be drove at weekends for two to three months at the most every year and maybe one or two track...
  9. Mark Mckay

    Looking a ek9 front lip

    needing a ek9 pre face lift front lip posted to Northern Ireland. Silver if possiable Thank you