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    Highest spring rate meister r zeta r

    Hi was wondering whats the highest spring rate you could get away with using on the zeta r coilovers. Thanks
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    OEM ek9 exhaust system or something really quite

    As title would like a standard ek9 b pipe and back box or something quite Thanks
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    connecting rod bearings b18c6

    Hi does anyone know the part numbers for the connecting rod bearing for b18c6 Thanks
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    fz 201

    Hi, can anyone tell me where to get some fz 201 195 50 15 that are in stock thanks.
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    Tuner in south east

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good tuner in the south east,I've used the search but did not find anything. Thanks
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    Are ek9 injectors same as itr ones? Cheers
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    standard ek9 exhaust

    As title looking for standard ek9 exhaust Thanks
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    ek9 head on b18c6 itr bottom end

    Would this work well or should I get hold of a itr head as well? Cheers
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    B18C swap into ek9

    Hi ive got a 99 ukdm integra engine im going to put into my my preface lift ek9, will any DC2 ecu from any year plug into my car? Thanks
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    B18C engine

    Hi im after a b18c integra engine, does any one know wherew to get one? Thanks Paul
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    Hondata tuner

    Hi new to this forum, does anyone know of a good hondata tuner in the south east of england Thanks