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  1. denward

    Freshening up the driving experience

    Hi All so all of the ek9s are 20+ years old at this stage and obviously they won’t feel as tight a drive as they did rolling out of the factory. What has everyone done to tighten up / freshen up the ride feeling, engine, gearbox, suspension and steering etc a bit ? im after getting...
  2. denward

    White TE37s

    Has anyone seen these?
  3. denward

    White TE37s

    Hi All does anyone have a picture of a white facelift ek9 on white TE37s ? Cheers D
  4. denward

    Ek9 OEM calipers v Spoon twinblock calipers

    Hi all Interested to know the spec differences between the OEM ek9 calipers v the Spoon twinblock calipers. Can anyone help? Cheers
  5. denward

    Cleaning Red Recaros

    This looks great thanks so just to make sure: 1 dampen the full seat first 2 spray detergent on and massage in 3 wring out towel with dirty bucket 4 get towel wet again with clean bucket 5 repeat the process ?
  6. denward

    Recaro Centre “Jersey” Material??

    Hi there I didn’t use it in the end. I got 2 new seats. PM me if interested in the fabric. Denis
  7. denward

    Cleaning Red Recaros

    Hi All So I’ve bought a new pair of red recaros and they need a good clean. Could anyone give me a bit of advice please as to how best clean these and using what? cheers D
  8. denward


    Didn’t see the first link!!
  9. denward


    Thanks but looking for 15s!
  10. denward


    Hi All looking for a set of TE37s but am struggling. could anyone help advise please ? thanks
  11. denward

    My EK9.... take 2

    Could I ask what the reason for the blank out for the ariel is? Mine is actually out. Prefer the smoother look...
  12. denward

    Radiator issue

    Hi all My radiator seems to be steaming. Just noticed it when I head the bonnet up recently. Any ideas what it could be ? thanks
  13. denward

    Exhaust Manifold Suggestions

    Hi All looking at getting an exhaust manifold at the Moment. do you have any suggestions ? I am looking for something genuine rather than a replica and trying to stay away from Spoon and Js simply for the price. I am running a spoon street and spoon b pipe. Howare the fujitsubo 2 piece 421s...
  14. denward

    Spoon N1 question

    Hi All I found a Spoon N1 back box I was thinking of getting. One odd thing I noticed - does the back box pipe get narrower as it joins the centre pipe or does it stay the same size throughout on the ek9 ? Thanks Denis
  15. denward

    Crx Del Sol, Spoon inspired build

    Really nice build
  16. denward

    Coilovers recommendation upto €1k

    @MatD are these supplied with the top mounts for the ek ?
  17. denward

    Coilovers recommendation upto €1k

    Are the tein flex z supplied with the top mounts for the ek or do they use the standard ones?
  18. denward

    Coilovers recommendation upto €1k

    I should have added it’s mainly for Ireland / UK style road driving with limited track
  19. denward

    Coilovers recommendation upto €1k

    Hi all I am looking for some coilovers recommendations for up to 1000€.Potentially something Japanese. suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. denward

    Loose gear shifting