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  1. Matt87

    Anyone change their alternator?

    Evening all, Was wondering if anyone's had a crack at changing the alternator on their B series? If so, how did you go about it? Did have to remove a driveshaft?
  2. Matt87

    JDM/adjustable Decat

    Hi guys, Looking for a JDM/adjustable decat. 2.5" collector and 2.25" exit Cheers
  3. Matt87

    2.5" to 2.25" decat

    Hi all, Looking for an JDM/adjustable decat so i can fit my vibrant mani. Cheers Matt
  4. Matt87

    *Sold* Tein Super Streets EK with pillow upper mounts and extra springs

    Item for sale: Tein EK Super Streets with front pillow ball upper mounts + extra front sprints Price: Sold
  5. Matt87

    Steering wheel quick release

    Looking for a quick release for my Nardi wheel. Currently have a cheap quick release but it's wobbly and I'd like something more sturdy Cheers
  6. Matt87

    *Reduced price* Mongoose 2.25" exhaust system & baffled Decat for a EK Civic hatch

    Item: Mongoose 2.25" exhaust system & baffled Decat for a EK Civic hatch Price: £160 collected Condition: Dirty but works Location: West Midlands, Stourbridge Description: Operation clear out continues. I have another exhaust system up for grabs. Nice and subtle, I really liked the look...
  7. Matt87


    Item: HKS Hi-Power angled exhaust system for an EK Civic Price: *Sold* Condition: Very good Start up and idle: (my car) Exhaust cam:
  8. Matt87

    D14a4 swap looking to be used

    Item for sale: D14a4 engine swap - 113,000 miles Price: Offers - collected Location: Stourbridge, West Midlands Condition: Never ever missed a beat. Description: The D14a4 engine has come out of my pre-facelift EJ9 Tornado. No leaks, no smoke, no crunches, no whines, uses no oil and starts...
  9. Matt87


    Item for sale: Tegiwa B series kevlar intake Price: *Sold* Location: West Midlands Condition: Used Description: The infamous whale willy, known for making angry Vtec noises. Has a scuff mark but you'll find this on all the intakes, caused by the intake rubbing on the engine bay. When...
  10. Matt87


    Item for sale: Wrapped B18c4 manifold
  11. Matt87

    5min to get to temp but doesn't overheat

    Evening yaw'll I have a B16 that literally takes just 5min to get up to temp. The real brain teaser is that it doesn't over heat. Stays dead set in the middle. I've tried using another set of dials but that brought about the same results. Any ideas? cheers
  12. Matt87

    Heat wrapped B18c4 exhaust mani

    Item: Heat wrapped B18c4 exhaust mani Condition: Very good. No dents or scratches Price: £60 ono collected but can delivered Location: Stourbridge, West Midlands Need to clear out the garage so need this gone. Cheers
  13. Matt87

    Replica Function 7 billet EK LCA's *Price drop*

    Item: Function 7 EK billet LCA replicas Price: £80 ono + delivery Condition: Brand New Location: Stourbridge, West Midlands Description: I have two pairs of these LCA's. Both brand new and boxed, neither have been fitted. I bought them thinking they were genuine Function 7's. They look...
  14. Matt87

    EK4 Shift linkage

    Item: EK4 shift linkage of a B16 Price: £20 collected Condition: Very good Location: West Midlands, Stourbridge Hey guys, clearing more parts out of my garage. Bushings and mountings look new, no rust. Nothing else to say about it really Cheers, Matt
  15. Matt87

    B series drive shafts

    Item: B series drive shafts of a B16a2 Price: £80 Collected Condition: Good - Covered 84k Location: West Midlands, Stourbridge Hi guys, I was given a spare set of drive shafts when I purchased my B16 swap. I've checked them over and they look to be in good working order. No tears or cracks in...
  16. Matt87

    Where could I get something similar to this?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get some piping to connect a custom airbox I have to the throttle body. I noticed Marc_EE9 had something that looked ideal. Any ideas where I could get something similar? p.s I've already sent him a PM Many thanks guys :alone:
  17. Matt87

    *Wanted* B/D series heater hose

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the long hose that connects from the heater to the cylinder head. The one I have now is cut. Hope that's enough info to go by. Cheers, Matt *edit* Hope this pic helps. Its the hose labeled hose 1
  18. Matt87

    *Item found*

    I've found one now guys, Thanks for all your help :)
  19. Matt87

    AEM V2 Intake

    Item for sale: AEM V2 Intake CAI B-series Price: £120 Location: West Midlands Condition: 7/10 Description: AEM V2 cold air intake b-series fitment, hasn't been used much at all only a few times but works fine as it should. I think the supporting arm looks like it could do with bending a...
  20. Matt87

    Make your own CAI

    Interesting so thought I'd share