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    Which suspension?

    Hey everyone, my ek9 has just reached 140000 miles and i think my suspension is pretty tired. What options are there for suspension? I really like the standard suspension but it looks like over £1000 from honda, and thats if they still make them. My car is a daily driver so i need something...
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    Carbing version 2

    Hi, anyone got a carbing front brace type2 for an ek9? Need one badly!
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    standard pads on track

    Hey evryone, im thinking about doing my first trackday at blyton park in april this year and i wondered if any of you have any experience using standard pads. Or am i best off buying some ds2500's. thanks
  4. R1k

    meets up north

    Any of you know of any honda meets around yorkshire area 2015?
  5. R1k

    honda trackday?

    Are there any good trackday venues that cater for just honda?
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    Hiya evryone. Can I just say what a great site this is! Ive been using it for a few months, and you guys know your ****! Its about time I signed up. Im the proud owner of matts facelift ek9, and can I say what a remarkable car it is.clean as a whistle. i confess to being a bit of a honda nut and...