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  1. Silva1

    Dc2 steering rack

    Does anyone have a dc2 steering rack for sale? Thanks
  2. Silva1

    Autohaus Detail - Gav's new car!!

    Here at Autohaus Detail, we offer a wide range of treatments and exclusive vehicle detailing service in central scotland. We pride ourselves by exceeding our clients expertations every time. We only use the best products from the world’s leading manufacturers of car care products, all of...
  3. Silva1

    Autohaus Detail - Gav's EF9 sir Enhancement Detail

    Autohaus Detail is a vehicle appearance specialist based in Glasgow (central Scotlannd) Our secure premises is based in cambuslang, easy to commute to with the new motorway being built. We offer a wide range of services for the interior or exterior of your vehicle. From bespoke wax treatments...
  4. Silva1

    Civic eg side skirts

    Anyone got a passenger side skirt for a civic eg hatch? Lost mines somewhere on a journey lol can collect or arrange a courier
  5. Silva1

    Intake system/arm

    I've got an oem dc2 intake as I'm told that this actually makes great gains being oem and would just be wasting money buying aftermarket systems. Only problem is when fitted the arm is slightly too long and the box hits off the o/s drivers headlight and its annoying me that it's touching even...
  6. Silva1

    Takata harness

    Is it wrong that I want to buy the black takatas instead of the traditional green harnesses? I think they look great and the subtle green iconic takata logo sets it off nicely. There's so many fake green types on the market right now no one is really sure who has a genuine or fake item! Surely I...
  7. Silva1

    Help needed! Rear camber arms

    Okay I'm not sure if I'm just being 100% stupid or not. But I've got a set of skunk2 rear camber arms same as the picture below Notice how the fixing is horizontal From what I've been told these are all the same ones, but anything I've tried to attempt to move the bushing so that it's...
  8. Silva1

    Wanted Civic Eg Lsi Fuel Tank

    As above - need a fuel tank asap Thanks
  9. Silva1

    9k tuning

    Has anyone used or had dealings with 9k tuning? Placed an order and still waiting for it to arrive, sent a few emails and they are failing to reply and the website doesn't have a contact number to even phone up Anyone shed some light?
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    9k tuning

  11. Silva1

    Engine mounts

    Got myself into a pickle, needing a set of engine mounts, uprated preferably. I've emailed funky power, ppw and h tune, but they won't get back to me until tomorrow Anyone know any other supplies who may have a set of engine mounts in stock to be sent out for next day delivery?
  12. Silva1

    Autohaus detailing - vehicle appearance specialist

    Hi guys! Been in talk with Gav and as most of you may know I look after and maintain his cars. I have agreed to offer a 10% discount to all Ek9 members for any of our detail packages. Here is some insight of my company Autohaus Detail is a vehicle appearance specialist based in Glasgow...
  13. Silva1

    Civic eg b18c4 track build

    Been on the lookout for a civic eg for a while now and when this appeared I couldn't resist Life started off as a eg4 imported around 3 years ago, so should be fairly clean. Unfortunately owner doesn't have any paper work. The previous owner has had it for around a year and within that time...
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    In need of your help!

    Anyone able to tell me the colour codes or anything similar to these? Thanks :)
  16. Silva1

    Seat rails

    Looking to buy a set of recaros and need rails, what you got? Cheers
  17. Silva1

    What colour to paint my eg!?!

    Okay, it's now just over 2 weeks until banzai and I still haven't picked a colour to paint my eg. Why is this so hard?!? I will be doing all the prep work and hopefully get it ready for primer and painted ready for banzai. Right now my eg is black. Granda black pearl if I'm correct? But I want...
  18. Silva1

    Dry carbon foglights

    Looking for buy a set of password Jdm fog lights and surrounds, these come in dry carbon To be honest I hate the look of dry carbon! Has anyone or know anyone who has lacquered dry carbon before? I like my carbon shiny. I know that the surrounds make crack or just the lacquer if it was involved...
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    Hello Ek9 community :nice: From Glasgow and I own a crx vti and a polo as a daily :D Car is currently off the road undergoing some serious rust treatment :nerv: Hope to piece together a build thread in the near future :nice: Here she is back when I first bought it in april Ed