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  1. Deans96r

    Ek4 SiR electric windows issue

    As above guys, both windows have randomly stopped working... they were totally fine until I put the passenger window up and now neither work at all. I’ve checked all the fuses and the black relay under the dash that seem to have anything to do with the windows also tried a known working main...
  2. Deans96r

    Pair of matching fixed bucket seats

    as above just wondering what's about ? Matching pair. Thanks in advance.
  3. Deans96r

    S4C VSS

    Guys Im desperate to get the VSS issue sorted on my car, So far I've tried two VSS's second on which looked identical to mine until it arrived and the plugs were different (I've overlooked this on the pictures I was sent of the VSS) Bottom one is the one that's on my ek4 SiR and what I need...
  4. Deans96r

    VSS to fit S4C box

    As above please needed ASAP ideally. Thanks in advance
  5. Deans96r

    b-series distributer

    As above please needing a distributor for my ek4 SiR asap, Would need it posted to Edinburgh if too far out to collect, Perfect working order of course. Thanks
  6. Deans96r

    Roll cage

    As above please. Dash dodger roll cage for ek hatch preferably bolt in for easy removal in future. Thanks in advance
  7. Deans96r

    Ek9 plate recess

    As above please tabs intact preferably
  8. Deans96r

    Vibrant breather oil cap

    Item for sale: Virbrant breather oil cap Reputation: Deans96r Price: £20 + postage Paypal: yes if you cover the fees Location: Edinburgh Condition: great used condition Description: bought this off ijwhiteman a while back and never bothered to use it. Sat in the drawer since.
  9. Deans96r

    195/50/15 tyre around Edinburgh

    As above please looking for a tyre to put on my spare alloy just incase I get a puncture, atm I have no spare. Let me know if you have anything thanks
  10. Deans96r

    Ek civic coilovers

    As above please looking for some for a mate, please let me know what you have.
  11. Deans96r

    Ultra racing, D2, ASR....

    Item for sale: ultra racing rear strut brace (ek fitment) Reputation: Deans96r Price: £40 collected can post if delivery costs covered Paypal: yes if you covers the fees Location: Edinburgh Condition: good used condition Pictures: will update pics when on the laptop later, here's a link to one...
  12. Deans96r

    Gauges / rear diffuser

    As above please, looking for a gauge set up for my civic (oil temp/oil press) and with all sensors needed to fit preferably, Also looking for a rear diffuser Thanks in advance
  13. Deans96r

    Steering wheel boss for ek civic

    Got an aftermarket wheel to fit to my ek so need a boss, Ideally after a second hand one before I go new unless any the vendors can do me a decent price? Thanks in advance
  14. Deans96r

    Aftermarket steering wheel

    Looking to get rid of my ep3 steering wheel (for sale thread will be up soon pm if interested) Looking for an aftermarket wheel to replace it, preferably 330mm but let me know what's about? Thanks in advance
  15. Deans96r

    Ek front diffuser

    As above please does anyone have anything?
  16. Deans96r

    4x100 civic hubcentric spacers

    Hey all, after the above in 15/20mm as cheap as possible before I look into new ones please, Let me know what you have thanks
  17. Deans96r

    JUN EK4 SiR

    Reputation: Deans96r Price: £3550 (will do a deal without the seat and harness as I'd like to keep these) Paypal: only for deposit if needed Location: Edinburgh Condition: good used condition Description: please see below Pictures: on phone ATM but will upload ASAP, if you search for...
  18. Deans96r


    Hi guys, considering some rwd fun again.... So if anyone knows of any decent s bodies about please let me know, have my ek sir to p/x for the right one etc Thanks in advance
  19. Deans96r

    Hub/snap off hub

    Hi all, looking to get a new wheel for my civic soon, so need a hub to fit it but also after a snap off hub, anyone have anything before I buy new? Thanks in advance
  20. Deans96r

    Lower control arms

    Looking to change the lca's on my ek. Just wondering what people had before I bought new? Bushes etc must be in great condition , Thanks in advance