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  1. bosniacrx

    Sorry I have to ask what would you build!

    So, I am sorry guys, but I can not clear my mind, and I have to ask you already asked questions.Blinks, dave, dr drave, stephen and all others, here is the thing: I got called today from my sponsor, and I had been asked: Why you don't run 11 sec??? So I tried to expane... Well how to...
  2. bosniacrx

    Vacuum leak

    Can anyone tell me where does this (red) vacuum line goes? Type R engine with OEM manifold is in ED9 chasie. I was testing new setup and (year after I swap engine) I noticed strange sound. So I checked it out ans saw that this is open hole. What was it for anyway? Did EK9 have cruise control?
  3. bosniacrx

    Final Drive by MFactory

    I have just paid final drive from Mfactory!:):):):):clap: Thanks to MFactory Gearing Authority user here who answered me on my questions. (Please send it soon as possible! heheh) :nice: :nice: I wanted to buy 3rd and 4th gear only but changed my mind and now will start from the...
  4. bosniacrx

    Fuel warming

    I have installed after market fuel cell 1 gall made by Donny, and cooler for fuel made for Audi Diesel engines, also Walbro 255l fuel pump. Cooler is on the return pipe under the car. When I was driving the other day I noticed that my fuel cell is very warm, and fuel is becoming warmer. Fuel...
  5. bosniacrx

    Extrude Honing

    Anyone have idea what they use for that, which abrasive?
  6. bosniacrx

    Link to

    Link to EK9 from
  7. bosniacrx

    B16B track times

    So there was SR event in my town and my chance to test B16B swap into CRX. CRX is lighter than EK9, but I had one problem to solve. Fuel pump was not Civic Type R but old D series pump which does not provide required pressure for B series. Frederic Legault told me tu se Integras but I had no...
  8. bosniacrx

    Vaccum diagram

    I suppose there is difference in Vacuum lines in JDM (B16b) setup and European D series. Does any one have vacuum diagram of type r even described in Japanese? I would like to remove Charcoal canister from the system, and I am afraid it is connected to vacuum lines!?
  9. bosniacrx

    B16B into CRX

    Hello brothers in Cars :) As I have promised, here is my project. Excuse my English I am Bosnian. Administrators please move this topic if not in proper place. I have bought Honda CRX, ED9, with D16Z5 engine. As first my 402 time was 16.8 sec. Deam. After a while I had best run 15.5 without...
  10. bosniacrx

    Engine works finally!

    PWbLjiaAhyo I have to enable Vtec and some sensors, but most of work is done! Thanks RVM, and people from forum who helped me!
  11. bosniacrx

    Street race Mostar 2007

    First race in 2007, took place in town of Mostar in southern Bosnia of the regional SR coup. Street race clubs from Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia was there. Well, as I did not have enough time and knowledge to finish my II CRX, I had to go with my 87 CRX which is still in...
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    If you ever got idea to make your own engine harness, then don't. I am avake at 6.00 and working up to 24.00. Almost burned everything twice. OBD2b is complicated especialy if you dont have fuse boxes. :angry2: :angry2: :angry2: So buy one. This is only for advice! second part: If any...
  13. bosniacrx

    Engine (B16B) wiring

    I am trying to connect ECU cables to my engine, and have a few questins for you people. All cables are cut, so I have ecu separated, and have no installation. I can not buy one, becouse of shippment. They don't do shipping to my place. So I have to make the engine installation. I do not need...
  14. bosniacrx

    Service Manual

    I have a meny service manuals, which are divided into main book and supplement. So, is there service manual supplement for B16B engine, I could not find one? I could not find one that has B16B mentioned at all.
  15. bosniacrx


    Hi there. My name is Emir. Have CRX, ED9 with D16Z5 engine, but recently bought B16B :) , and would like to make a swap. Also have '87 CRX with ZC1. Regards!