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  1. jordy56ek9


    Gonna machine compound the car this weekend what would you recomend would be a good compound ?
  2. jordy56ek9

    my ej9

    well lads sold the ek3 last week and as soon as it left i wanted another civic so trolled donedeal every day and found this excuse the condition she badly needs a wash and polish clean enough car came with new standard exhaust new tyres and just passed the nct on friday when i bought...
  3. jordy56ek9

    brake light fuse

    hows the form boys the car passed the test yesterday but the brake lights stopped working is this a fuse problem if so what fuse is it ? all other lights bar the foglight work
  4. jordy56ek9

    lowerin springs

    i was wondering how to get the top nut off the shock the whole shock keeps turning i have no air socket set im just useing basic tools any help would be apreciated
  5. jordy56ek9

    VTEC controller

    Does anybody know if i can fit a VTEC controller to my ek3 its a d15z6 if that helps cheers
  6. jordy56ek9

    ek4 mb6

    strongly considering buying an ek4 or mb6 in the next few months can anybody tell me the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 cars running costs insurance potential problems etc any hely would be greatly apreciated :thanks:
  7. jordy56ek9

    ek3 from donegal

    bought this car back in august i lost my phone so i have no pics of how i got it things iv done so far changed lexus lights to standard type R spoiler type R head lights sunband sir interior tenzo R induction kit pioneer cd player things to come tinted window new wheels more...
  8. jordy56ek9

    best polish

    what is the best wax and polish to get the best shine ?