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    Y-56 (Yellow) EK9 Facelift RX

    Hi all, The time has come to sell up, ive owned my EK9 just over 3 years now and im looking to move on to something different. I will upload photos later when im at home and can take fresh pics. The mileage is just over 100k (will confirm)...
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    Spoon Seat Rails

    I thought maybe this should go in the interior section but i posted here for more traffic. Admin please move it if needs be. Does anyone know if spoon low seat rails fit standard EK9 recaros? Also, how low is low? im about 6ft. Heard good things about them! :thanks:
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    Interesting read about honda VTEC engines

    Thought you would all apreciate this.... Wednesday View: The Power Of Dreams | Autoeclectic
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    K20 engine

    Hi All, been a while since ive posted but ive been offered a K20a engine which has "bottom end knock" for £400, from what i remember k series going for i want to snap it up. However..... I have the tools to rebuild an engine, but have only ever rebuilt single cyl 2 stroke / 4 stroke...
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    Lets all take a minute, to laugh at the 106 owners forum

    Peugeot 106 GTi vs Honda Civic Type R (drag)) Apparently draining the civics oil will cause more VTEC lag! LOL :blabla::blabla:
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    Knock after Engine Torque damper install

    Hi Guys, Wasn't sure where to put this as it may be suspension related. I installed an engine torque damper last week and ever since then i get a very distinct Knock noise whenever i start moving from a stop. Only once and it's on the side of the new engine torque damper. Im thinking...
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    Low engine oil.....Damage?

    :(( So yesterday on the way to my missus i noticed vtec felt a little 'noisier' so to put. Thought nothing of it until i got to my missus and i had to move my car, the check engine light came on. I checked the oil straight away and it was barely on the dip stick! I carry top ups on me but...
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    Fuel Filter

    Anyone know if the Fuel filter in an ek9 is the same as the teg? Thanks,
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    Idiots that overtake you on speedbumps

    Anyone ever have this happen? A road by me which is a 20 and smothered with speed bumps and zebra's as there is a school along it... Yesterday was driving along, obviously slow and first gear over bumps when some spunk rag in a nissan 4X4 comes flying past me at atleast 50mph, i didn't notice...
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    TEGIWA lug nuts.... Shocking quality!

    Hi All, Im at work at the moment so il have to get some pics when im back home this evening... Only noticed this morning that after buying these.. TEGIWA ALUMINIUM ALLOY WHEEL LUG NUTS LOCKING The nuts themselves are fine but the locking nut that came with them doesn't even fit onto the...
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    HOnda b series specialist / tuner South west?

    Tried searching but the search function isn't the best and couldn't find what i was after. Hopefully going for a mild build on a b18 in the new year and need an engine builder in the midlands / south west who could do the build and then swap the engine into an ek9. Anyone with any info is...
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    Wheel nut fitment

    Help guys :/ Have some Rota Fighter wheels, and bought some extended wheel nuts with the (fatter)? bottom that don't fit oem wheels. It seems they wont fit mine either :/ The bottom to them wont fit in the existing wheels, there are wider sockets? in the wheels that fit the lugs perfectly...
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    Knocking sound whilst cornering

    Hi all, Whilst going around a left corner 'sharpish' and apply little throttle i get a clunking sound from the rear passenger side? This is only whilst the car is cornering those few seconds and any other time it's fine. Im thinking it could be the wheel bearing? or loose sway bar? :/...
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    This could be an end to modified cars in the UK

    Not really sure what this means, but over on pistonheads forum its kicking up quite a stink. I know almost every member here has a modified car so this is relevant to us all. Link: Armageddon | ^ That link is taking a battering at the moment with requests so may...
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    White EK Eastern Avenue Gloucester, Thursday 28th 10:30pm ish

    Saw you go past but only noticed at last minute, don't think you spotted me, was very clean. Lowered and caged. Anyone?
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    Yellow EK9

    Hi all, thought id share some pics with you, spent 3 and a half hours cleaning this today and it's just started to rain! sore back now! Im not that great at photo's so go easy on the shitty pics :P
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    An amazing Ferrari!

    If i ever won the euro millions id be all over this like a cheap suit.. William Loughran - 2012 Ferrari 430 Scuderia F1 £169950 "This F430 Scuderia in Grigio Silverstone is extremely significant as it is the last one ever built. To commemorate this, the Ferrari Factory requested that...
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    Why do YOU own an EK9?

    What's your reason for buying one? Me? Because it's such an under rated car, and i have a soft spot for the EK shape:nice:
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    Problems with oil Gauges

    Hi all, a few months ago i installed an oil pressure and an oil temp gauge into my ek9, They worked fine up until a few weeks ago.... Now neither work at all, sometimes they give the -- reading like no sensors are plugged in and other times the oil pres goes crazy and sits on either HI or...