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    Y-56 (Yellow) EK9 Facelift RX

    Yes, i have a thread on here with pics in. I will upload some fresh ones later when I'm at home. Cheers.
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    Y-56 (Yellow) EK9 Facelift RX

    Hi all, The time has come to sell up, ive owned my EK9 just over 3 years now and im looking to move on to something different. I will upload photos later when im at home and can take fresh pics. The mileage is just over 100k (will confirm)...
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    How to get out of private parking tickets

    Yeah il take a look, i say il apply for a mortgage but il prob just loose motivation and buy a R35 lol. Thanks for the advice anyway :)
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    How to get out of private parking tickets

    Nice, will look into it. Thanks!
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    How to get out of private parking tickets

    Well that's me screwed. lol, hopefully going to apply for a mortgage this year. What a **** way for a company to make business.
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    How to get out of private parking tickets

    I always thought that by Law you didn't need to pay for private tickets? Only the council and police can enforce a fine? Any private tickets i get just go straight in the bin.
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    Want to now go K24

    IF you want revs then build the K20! k24 blocks seem hard to come by and expensive here, from my experience. The longer block height means more chance of a sump scrape too. Im building a K20 to go in my EK9 at the moment, forge the bottom end and get a 4 piston 156 head with a good meaty set...
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    Spoon Seat Rails

    Thanks man, great help! :)
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    Spoon Seat Rails

    I thought maybe this should go in the interior section but i posted here for more traffic. Admin please move it if needs be. Does anyone know if spoon low seat rails fit standard EK9 recaros? Also, how low is low? im about 6ft. Heard good things about them! :thanks:
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    fuel economy - this about right?

    Ive never bothered to check what my MPG is, I just stick £20 of V-power in and repeat when the light comes on. If i was concerned about economy i would have got a blue motion golf. Il probably miss the economy when i trade for an R34 GTR anyway:nerv:
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    Buy 5L Fuchs Titan Race & get 1L Free

    Thankyou :thanks: In need of an oil change!
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    How many used there 9 as a daily?

    ^^this. People go on like an ek9 is some kind of uber obscene car that shouldn't be driven in winter and is fragile as ****. It's still just an old civic hatch. Remove Honda fanboy blinkers lol. I use mine for daily drives. to and back from work. Only downside is you get bored of the car...
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    Seized caliper , rebuild or replace ?

    Just one side. That was the rears, they should stock front rebuild kits to. Usually its just a few packs of grease and some rubber seals. Sounds more daunting than it is rebuilding it.
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    Seized caliper , rebuild or replace ?

    I rebuilt mine with a rebuild kit from tegiwa for about £30, it can be a little fiddly but much better than forking out for a new caliper. Only took 2 hours to do in all. Well worth it.
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    Interesting read about honda VTEC engines

    Thought you would all apreciate this.... Wednesday View: The Power Of Dreams | Autoeclectic
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    JAPFEST 2014 Club Stand :) Sat May 10th

    Paid, Sorry for the delay dunc :((
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    Ek4 t VS gsxr 750

    LOL guys it was just a dig at certain mods removing videos of street racing but at the same time wanking off kanjo. The vids awesome and i don't care either way :nice: Just my sarcasm didn't come across
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    Ek4 t VS gsxr 750

    Cool vid, but as this is street racing and they are not in Japan or on the Kanjo i expect this will be locked soon. take it to Japan, on their public road. then it'l be ok to post here.
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    OUTSIDERS japan film

    They are street drifting, that's dangerous and this thread should be locked... Oh wait they are in Japan so it's cool and ok. My bad. /sarcasm