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    Vtec performance honda breakers updated 10-3-2012

    any rear bumper's ?? and hub studs ??
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    wheel studs?

    try this how to, it does require to grind a small part off the lug's head
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    BLACKWORKS Extended wheel studs

    just a quick 1 bud, do you know if you need to use exteneded nuts with these ?? only reason i ask i've snapped 1 on the front hub, and it's a sod to buy singular lol, looks like id' have to do the lot regards Dean
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    My EK9 with £6000+ B20B TODA engine

    I'm sure toda built this animal for the track, and dunx is a well respected importer of Ek9s into this country, he would not sell a drip drab car
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    My ek9 from Australia :)

    very very clean, i do beleive these are rare in Oz, got a couple of friends that live in melbourne and the said the exchnage rate on 1 is mega awful, your's is full of win bud, keep up the top work, wish my body work was that clean,
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    kent teg owner

    Welcome bud, where in kent are you based, few owner's on here now from Sunny ol Kent
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    Vtec performance honda breakers updated 10-3-2012

    How much for the mugen high velocity stack bud ??
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    Drill a hole in my bumper?

    Ians is pre facelift and there's nowt like the above you can do to it, will look gash Ian, Just brake less as Steven said
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    HID Kits H4 and H7

    find 8k is a bit much around where i live with the police lol, 4300k or 6000k would be fine due to the colour, let me know if you get some others please bud or if it falls through ta dean
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    HID Kits H4 and H7

    Hi bud have you got any h4 6k or 4300 left ta Dean
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    NeilVtec EK9 Build up

    looks great Neil, wish i had time or the moeny to spend on mine, im in dire need for some new wheels atm keep the great work up
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    Total Honda Mag - getting ready for Issue 2 - Get involved..

    Could never find a stocks for it , gutted, but you say its available online the site i'll grab a copy
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    !!! 1999 Vsm facelift ek9 for breaking and shell!!!!!

    Hi Dan, Whats the best price delivered for rear lights ?, also does it include the nuts for the lights, ta Dean
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    Need a Dealer who has import cars, near Dover

    SVA Bud, there online
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    8.9 earthquake hits Japan!

    Iain was on Facebook about 5hours ago, he'd been to spoon and top fuel today, I'm guessing he's ok, he did say about the earth quake
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    My B20B ek9 build up story

    second that Steven, you steering wheel has more mold than mine that has been sat for around 4months now, and i though mine were bad. but my whole interior has just been valeted due to a rear light not being bolted up fully by previous owner, Be good to hear her on the track Dunx
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    Lower alternater bolt

    Hi guy's i've finally got round to re-installing my alternater today, but im having a problem with the lower bolt, it seemed all good, started to tighten her up and the end has swivelled round and i think has started to pull the centre of the bolt head out, can any 1 please confirm this as...
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    Vtec Challenge @ Silverstone 2nd/3rd April

    is it free to watch Kris ? Might pop up if the cars back the road
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    I'm thinking B18C conversion ??

    looks great bud, but bit expensive for a ek3 imo, but if she's clean and you've got plans already, go for a good mozee around her, wont hurt
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    Desperate need for an alternater

    Hi guy's, im in need of an alternater with out the price tag of £392.16 from honda preferberly, for me ek9, still running b16b Mike at R-Motion sent me one down but it's the wrong item and dont fit the brackets, and even if it did fit i would have to have the loom exteneded for the plug...