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  1. trev_tang

    Yellow and White EK's from Northern Ireland.

    Did u finally buy another Honda kipper? Lol
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  3. trev_tang

    Irish Members

    bit of mix up in the names and numbers lol ^
  4. trev_tang

    Kirsty's EK9

    Very nice.. And original too!
  5. trev_tang

    b pipe ek4 - ek9

    I tho the ek4 b pipe was longer due to the smaller cat on uk spec ek's or vice versa?? I bought an ek9 tanabe system and have to buy an adjustable de-cat because of this... Maybe I'm wrong????
  6. trev_tang

    Irish Members

    Re: Irish Members 1. RoEk9 - Dublin 2. Kon0089 97' CW Civic type R 3. gaza4 - Dublin 4. eg6-R - Galway 5. ProjectJDM 6. SmokyMo - Dublin 7. Dicko09 8. storiee! - Cavan 9. Vtec6000 - Galway 10. colliemcc 11. mick218 - Dublin 12. JameeZy 13. DOSvtec - Donegal 14. TOMBOT3000 15. Jpk88 00'...
  7. trev_tang

    DanT's South Mimms Pics-part 1 2012

    Great pics!
  8. trev_tang

    Ek9 rails

    i have a set.. can't post them on for sale cause i don't have enough posts but check it out on
  9. trev_tang

    Hks / feels / 4.4 fd / ek9 flywheel

    Been lookin for a hi power for months now and once I give up and buy a tanabe here it is......
  10. trev_tang

    Spoon 4-2 2-1 manifold for ek9

    So how much with the decat delivered to n.ireland?
  11. trev_tang

    Mint Ek9 b16b engine and gearbox,Gaz coilovers ek fitment

    255 posted to n. ireland??
  12. trev_tang

    my dc2 track car

    muni well spent lol... what ways the jordan? still have it??? ur not partin with the bbs wheels are ya lol.... im the jordan owner from maghera ;)
  13. trev_tang

    LOADS of EK parts for sale!

    can i have a pic of the seats and headlights?... from Magherafelt area so i can collect lol...
  14. trev_tang

    Parts for sale.

    sorry forgot to ask.. what size is the collector on the manifold??
  15. trev_tang

    Parts for sale.

    delivery to N. Ireland for the aem plz....
  16. trev_tang

    Ni jap show 2011

    Theres my jordan :-) no.235....
  17. trev_tang

    ek9 spoiler plate

    as above... thanks...:nice:
  18. trev_tang

    My EM1 VTI Coupe......

    very nice lookin em1...had a glover green one :)
  19. trev_tang

    Looking for exhaust

    spoon n1 backbox?...£250