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    wtb ek9 hood

    does anyone know if the 99-00 ek9 hood is discontinued ?? what is the part number??
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    wtb oem ek9 fenders 99-00

    if anyone has some text me 5164137188 ig eddie_wilpan fb eddie wilpan
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    ek4 sir brake difference?

    does anyone know if the ek4 sir has the same brakes as an em1?
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    wtb ek9 window visors bnib

    need ek9 window visors bnib
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    98 spec jdm itr 4.7 transmission question

    ey i just swapped my 98 spec itr motor and trans on my 00 civic hatch i love everything about it except the 5th gear highway rpms i love my 15s and i love my 195/45 t1rs but i swear at 4000 rpms in at 62mph and at 4500 rpms i’m at 70mph.. shoukd i consider doing an os 5th gear?? is it bad to...
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    ek9 itr spark plug wires

    are the ek9 spark plug wires the same as the itr?? or are the part numbers different?? does anyone know if the jdm itr and usdm itr uses the same wires?
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    apexi ws2

    hey for anyone running an apexi ws2 on an ek9 what applicationn did u go with because the hatchback one is different
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    ek9 same motor mounts as dc2?

    hey it looks like the ek9 and itr have the same rear mount and front torque mounts is that right?
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    jdm type r b18c crank pulley chipped

    does anyone know if it’s the same as the usdm one or what the part number is?? are all the pulleys the same for the jdm itr 98+ and under?
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    does anyone know what emblem this is??

    it didn’t come with a part number
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    ek9 flca

    do any of the ek9 come with the 2 piece cast front lower control arms? i thought they all came with the 1 piece stamped steel lcas
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    ek9 cam swap?

    has a yo e ever swapped the ek9 intake cam ? is it just a direct swap? or do you need adjustable cam gears? or a tune?
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    difference between 99 and 00 jdm b18c type r?

    are the cams different from the 1999 and 2000 b18c type r motor?
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    aem v2 intake question

    i see a lot of people using the aem v2 intake on there ek type r motors .. i emailed aem and they said that the v2 is only 2.75.. however they offer a 3 inch for the same application but it's not dual chamber just regular cold air intake..
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    was there a jdm 1999 itr?

    i know the usdm they skipped that year but is there a b18c itr that was 1999 in japan?
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    does the b16b have oem oil cooler?

    or does only the b18c itr have it
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    exhaust size question jdm itr 4-1

    hello i plan on swapping a b18c itr with the jdm 4-1 header my question is should i run a 2.5 test pipe first and then the 60mm cat back or should i run the 60mm right after the header? i plan on keeping the motor stock so what will happen if i run the 60mm right after the header? will i lose...
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    98+ swap 4th 5th or 4.4 swap fd?

    hey guys i'm trying to decide weather to go with the 98+ itr 4.7 fd tranny or the b16b/c5/96,97jdm itr 4.4 tranny now i know the 4.7 itr tranny has the 4th and 5th gsr gears which i dont really want so would it be easier to swap the gears for the shorter 4th and 5th gears or just go with the 4.4...
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    ek9 oem midpipe vs itr midpipe

    does anyone know if they are the same diameter? and what would that be?
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    b16b or b18c r

    hey i plan on swapping my ek with eather a b16b or b18c r now i'm not into racing i just want somthing fun to drive also which motor do you guys think sounds better