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    Po8 ecu on b16b

    I'm looking to purchase a ecu with a map on it but I'm abit sceptical weather it will work. These ecu usable on a b16b engine?? Are they likliy to cause any problems??
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    E30 m3

    Has taken over a year to build this. Just thought I'd share a few pictures
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    My not so clean Ek

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    Ek spoon spoiler

    As above please
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    Have a issue with my car wonder if anyone could help me

    Iv got a Ek with a b16b in there. Problems occurred a few times now. Basically whilst driving when u come to change the revs jus suddenly drop right down, and then when ur coming to a standstill the cars jus idles really low like 500rmp as if it's going to cut of but doesn't. What could be...
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    Ek spoon rear spoiler

    Spoon spoiler or rep wanted please
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    Rolling shot

    Rolling shot of the Ek
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    5zigen miracle fireball exhaust

    After the above for my Ek. Let me know that ya got Thanks Sab
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    Ek3 and ee9

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    Stem seals

    Looking to go on a track day at the end of this month. I know my stem seals need replacing but will this cause more problems to my engine if I was to go on this track day??
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    timing belt kit waterpump stem seals headgasket b16b

    after the following for a b16b timing belt kit waterpump stem seals headgasket
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    Pressure when oil cap is unscrewed

    While the car is started, We unscrewed the oil cap. It seems to be releasing alot of pressure is that normal???
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    5zigen fireball

    I'm looking for a full 5zigen fireball exhaust system must be 2.5 system. Cash or willing to px with a spoon n1 system.
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    Remapped ecu

    After a remapped ecu for a ek9
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    Would a ek cage fit into a ef??
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    Looking for p30/p28 ecu, wiring loom and dizzy

    Anyone got them
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    Volks te37s bronze

    Must be 4x100 stud and 15" and in bronze Cash waiting
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    My ek

    Few of you may be aware of this car, purchased it just to start some track days Here a few pics Il get the spec n more pics up tomorrow
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    2.5" exhaust system

    Looking for a decent 2.5" system Got a spoon n1 on it atm may be willing to px