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    Lower alternater bolt

    Hi guy's i've finally got round to re-installing my alternater today, but im having a problem with the lower bolt, it seemed all good, started to tighten her up and the end has swivelled round and i think has started to pull the centre of the bolt head out, can any 1 please confirm this as...
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    Desperate need for an alternater

    Hi guy's, im in need of an alternater with out the price tag of £392.16 from honda preferberly, for me ek9, still running b16b Mike at R-Motion sent me one down but it's the wrong item and dont fit the brackets, and even if it did fit i would have to have the loom exteneded for the plug...
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    B Series Cover

    As in title people, want a spare cover for some art work in the bay Thanks Dean
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    Which Induction kit

    Hi guy's, What do you guy's recommend for the ek9, i've been looking at the Aem v2 or just the Tegiwa Carbon elbow, im already running spoon filter, im after a little induction noise but not import as im after power gains more than anything else. i've always ran short ram kit's on my...
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    Need new brakes

    Hi everyone, Can any one shed some light on some good aftermarket : Brake Disc's Brake Pads All round, i ran black diamond disc's on me eg6 with stock pad's they worked well, and did'nt suffer to bad on track either, Any idea's welcomed Thanks Dean
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    Previous Honda's

    Hi everyone, im fairly new but have been on here for a few years, im now in the market for an ek9 :D little it about me previous cars, So i started Honda life on a CRX esi, then converted it 2 a b16 turbo, sweet car till some bird drove into it. then i had a Civic VEI, transfered most...
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    Im New

    Im new on here but i've owned a onda for Nearly 3years, it's been turbo'ed, and now it's back N/A. Done all the work meself, but im after a EK9 for ages. i've been looking for awhile but not found much. My delsol were writen off a few weeks ago no thanks to a schol rush mum in her boat of a...