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    my black ek9

    here my 1998 black prefacelift ek9 still limited 112mph & still running kilometers engine spec b16b engine,4.7 s80 gearbox,aem induction kit,4-1 manifold,decat exterior/interior facelift rear lights,power folding mirrors type RX cupholders suspension lowered on tein springs all around
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    Trying to post my 9 in forsale section

    Hi im trying to post my ek9 in forsale section and as i dnt have enough posts it wont let me post just wonder could any1 help me with this thanks
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    how can u tell a set of ek9 camshafts

    mate of mine bought a set a (Ek9 cams) and ask me to fit them to his car witch has a b18c4 in it, the cams look identical how can u tell a set of ek9 cams thanks
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    5 studing my ej9

    Hi i would like to know does the hubs and suspension off a itr fit an ej9 for me to convert it to 5 stud Thanks
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    B18c4 into ej9

    Hi I have a b18c4 and in putting it into my ej9 im just wonderin wats beter to run a b16a2 loom and brain or a b16a2 loom and a p30 ecu that i have thanks.
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    B18c4 into ej9