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    type r brake servo/ek window motors

    Item for sale:type r brake servo and resivoar Reputation: hooper Price: 80 euro posted Paypal?:yes Location: dublin Condition: perfect Description: off type r teg Pictures: Item for sale:ek9 window rails and motors Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: 70 euro...
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    vtec pro

    does rev clock have to be wired up for vtec to work
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    ireland meet

    any meets in ireland coming up
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    next track day mondello

    might be one next week
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    feed back here please
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    who,s going mondello open track day paddys day

    any body going if so put name down asked around not sure if any one is going off this site,there has to be a few honda,s from ireland going 1.hooper 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    best engine oil

    whats the best engine oil for type r engine thats just used for the track
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    s90 throttle body 70mm both sides

    anybody useing this throttle body[/IMG]
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    civic boss kit

    pm me thanks
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    mondello open track day 17th march paddy,s day

    anybody from ireland going good day out
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    mondello track day 17th march paddy,s day

    bringing my b18c ek9 track car out any body else going out that day
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    which pistons/rods b18c r

    im building my b18c i have skunk2 pro2 cams and ill be buying pistons and rods next few days can any body tell me which ones would suit the cams.i was thinking off getting wiesco pistons and eagle rods car will be getting tuned with hondata s200.pistons will be high just for...
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    brake b16b engine

    how much would i get for b16b engine if i sold it in parts and would all parts sell handy
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    should i brake b16b

    im building a car for itcc its ek9 1.8 type r i have me cams coilovers clutch tyres sorted just need to get parts to build bottom end... i seen you can use b16b pistons i have a b16b spare engine i might take pistons from 1..are the pistons straight swap 2..what rods do i use b16b or b18c...
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    skunk2 stage1 v stage2 pro cams

    just went and bought the stage 1,s was going for the 2,s but none in stock would i see much gains with the pro1,s i have all good bolt ons on car and it will be mapped with hondata ecu car is just going to used for racing.if i put in the pro1,s would it be wourth pulling the head off and putting...
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    skunk2 stage2 pro cams high comp gasket

    is it wourth buying a skinnyer head gasket to bump up the comp on standered type r r engine...the cams haveint been put in yeat
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    nsx brake caliper fit ek9

    i know you can put them on but is it just a straight bolt on
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    skunk2 cams stage2 pro,s no bottom end work

    will i see much gains with these cams in type r teg ran of hondata s200 ecu with a good has fourbranch good exust decat and good air intake
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    ek9 hub

    front passo hub im in dublin
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    ek9 5 stud hub

    im in dublin looking for front passo hub