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  1. Frodo

    Atr twin pots

    Item for sale: accord type r twin pots Reputation: Price: 180 Paypal: yes if fees covered Location: Edinburgh Condition: good Description: bought these for my dc2 project which I sold so these are up for sale. Bought in good working order with...
  2. Frodo

    Frodo's DC2 Ground Up Build

    Right so basically most of you will know my old car which now belongs to @nicole_ Went through a mad spell going out of hondas and currently got a 2005 M3 CS So opportunity came up for a minted DC2 shell off my mate so thought why not, cars been a full shell respray at some point so its...
  3. Frodo

    EP3 Steering Wheel

    Item for sale: EP3 Steering Wheel Reputation: Price:110 ovno Paypal: No Location:Edinburgh Condition: Good Condition, minimal wear Description: Sticking this up on behalf of Deans96r as he is going for an aftermarket wheel, good condition with...
  4. Frodo

    Nikon D3000 and Nikon Lenses

    Item for sale: Nikon D3000 Reputation: Price:£120 Paypal: Yes if cover fees Location:Edinburgh Condition: Very Good Description:Selling my camera as i have a D7000 i use now, had the camera since new and it's shot very few shots as it spent most...
  5. Frodo

    Honda Day 2014

    SO basically went to the Honda Day at Falkirk Wheel today with steve, rippu, dean, tam and my mate Still trying to figure out the new camera but here's the shots i liked :) Edit 4 by Frodo8191, on Flickr Edit 1 by Frodo8191, on Flickr DSC_0662 by Frodo8191, on Flickr DSC_0647 by Frodo8191...
  6. Frodo

    Recaro Sidemounts

    Item for sale: Recaro Sidemounts Reputation: Price: £40 Paypal: Yes if need be Location: Edinburgh Condition: 9/10 Description: Recaro sidemount, got these with my spg, had them lying for ages and are of no use to me so wanting...
  7. Frodo

    B Series Cam Cover

    Item for sale: B Series cam Cover Reputation: Price: £40 Paypal: Yes if need be Location: Edinburgh Condition: 5/10 Needs painted but no damage Description:Had this lying about for ages, no use to me now Needs a paint but it's all...
  8. Frodo

    EK9 Airbox and Resonator box

    Item for sale: Ek9 airbox And Resonator Box Reputation: Price: £50 Paypal: Yes if need be Location: Edinburgh Condition: 9/10 Description: Got the full airbox setup from my ek9 Looking for £50 for it, has what looks to be a pretty...
  9. Frodo

    Ocean Terminal Minishoot

    So went out with Rippu, Steve M and a few other folk last night just for a wee chat and to get some photos First use of the camera in a long time so i'm a little rusty
  10. Frodo

    SMRC Day Knockhill

    So went up Knockhill today to watch my mate race in the BMW Compact Cup Took the camera out for the first time in forever to try mind how to use it
  11. Frodo

    4x100 cool wheels

    Looking for some good cool 4x100 wheels What yous got? Budget of up to £500 max
  12. Frodo

    1997 Black EK9

    Item for sale: My 97 Black EK9 Reputation: Price: £5500 ovno Paypal: No, Cash on collection Location: Edinburgh, Scotland Condition: Good, rust free. Description: Right so basically this is probably a bad idea as this car just...
  13. Frodo

    Stack Gauge Set

    Item for sale: Stack Gauges Reputation: Price: £250 Paypal: Would Rather cash of bank transfer Location: Edinburgh Condition: Brand New Description: Stack Triple gauge set, cost me £350 and theyve never been used, still got the boxes...
  14. Frodo

    JDMy0 Rolling Road Day

    Had some fun practicing with the camera today and i thought a few came out pretty well, next to no editing on them so happy with that :) Pics@ 2 by Frodo8191, on Flickr 4 by Frodo8191, on Flickr 6 by Frodo8191, on Flickr 7 by Frodo8191, on Flickr 8 by Frodo8191, on...
  15. Frodo

    MU Tracknight

    Only ended up taking a couple of quick snaps cause i was usy chatting most of the time. and i also found out i can't pan for **** anymore haha :lol: edit 12 by Frodo8191, on Flickr edit 11 by Frodo8191, on Flickr edit 7 by Frodo8191, on Flickr edit 6 by Frodo8191, on Flickr...
  16. Frodo

    Recaro Sidemount Rails

    Item for sale: Recaro Sidemounts Reputation: Price: £50 ONO Paypal: Yes as gift or bank transfer Location: Edinburgh Condition: 9/10 Description: Genuine Recaro sidemounts, pretty much mint bar some scuffs on the stickers, came...
  17. Frodo

    Frodo's Black Ek9 Build

    Right so had this a few months now so may as well do a build thread and update it as i go :nice: Got the car in november last year after swapping my old crx plus cash for it Mint low miles example in black which i've always wanted and have said for 5 years i'd own an ek9 one day :D Few...
  18. Frodo

    water Temp sensor hose fitting

    Basically i've got my stack gauges today and my sensor doesn't fit into my Greddy water hose adapter as it's a different thread It's 1/8NPT thread on the temp sensor so just wondering what hose adaptor i'm gonna need? my crrent one is a 30mm diameter one, is that right for an ek9 hose? If...
  19. Frodo

    What Gauges

    Decided to invest in some gauges for my Ek9 (Oil temp and pressure and Water temp) just wondering what gauges do folk recommend? Had a look at the spa dual ones and stack gauges Wanting to buy new so i know everything works mint and a recommendation for a decent sandwich plate as well...
  20. Frodo

    Couple of snaps from the meet!

    Barely had the camera out to take some shots so only got a couple so thought id fire them up Not very good but tbh i've never tried dull lighting shots so could do with some practice haha DSC_0006 by Frodo8191, on Flickr DSC_0008 by Frodo8191, on Flickr DSC_0015 by Frodo8191, on Flickr...