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  1. Pete180

    B18C6 Cam'd & itb'd with built S80

    Very nice setup! This in an ek would be fun
  2. Pete180

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    Ah okay cool mate, let us know how it goes :) never been before so just wondering what the scenes like. I'm used to seeing old meets like the original mimms lol Sounds an idea! lets see who's interested in total then can go about contacting the owners if need to reserve a spot for us. :nice:
  3. Pete180

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    Possibly an idea there! I'll put it forward and ask the other guys if they're interested in that. What's it like there? Never been and don't want to sound too judgmental but not a scene kid chav spot is it? Looking for something low key chill without too many random folk turning up
  4. Pete180

    K20a mb6

    Lol why is it always brand new accounts bumping old threads, every time :lol: fair enough good luck!
  5. Pete180

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    Possibly next month? hopefully have a few of the guys cars running for then
  6. Pete180

    The hello

    Hows the golf, sat in a friends gtd they're nice cars for a daily! the R looks good too :)
  7. Pete180

    CSCC Snetterton 300.

    Not the nicest conditions aye! tried mastering heel toe on the downshifts? :) nice to see 1 of the old school members still active :nice:
  8. Pete180

    The hello

  9. Pete180

    Dobler's eK Build

    Damn that sucks! can't have anything nice these days, always some **** out there wanting it. Sent you a follow man, I'm pete180 on there :)
  10. Pete180

    Dobler's eK Build

    Garage queens yh lol bring them out for show then tucked away. They do look amazingly clean though yh! Theft quite a common thing there? I'm on the fb groups and see often Hondas being taken and ditched :/ Are you on ig?
  11. Pete180

    Dobler's eK Build

    Looking super clean and fresh!! that manifold :nice: so many clean builds out the US, seeing a lot from california especially at the eibach show and chronicles meet. Those night pics look awesome with the parking lights on!
  12. Pete180

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    Awesome mate :) Location - unsure as of yet, but somewhere middle ground/central. Most likely in the Midlands area, possibly around or between M40 or M1
  13. Pete180

    EK9 Recaro - Moving Sides

    Should be fine to swap them around. I believe my brothers swapped his with no issue's. Possibly the reclining wheel was bit harder to reach but can't fully remember
  14. Pete180

    Teeky's MB6 VTI-S Build Thread *** PIC HEAVY ***

    Awesome mate thanks for that! yeah good idea, definitely good idea cleaning it out
  15. Pete180

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    We had a small meet towards the end of last year, just wondered if anyone would be interested in another meet? For members and friends only (Invite-only) so we don't get too many idiots etc, keep it low key as don't want bad attention :) I know a few have already have spoken to me about...
  16. Pete180

    Teeky's MB6 VTI-S Build Thread *** PIC HEAVY ***

    Where did you get the new VTIS badge from mate? that is definitely pic heavy build thread haha :nice: Oh and how did you remove the baffle on the rocker cover? I know dirt gets behind there, and can cause engine failure so i'm deliberately not running a spare cover I have as I'm certain there's...
  17. Pete180

    Car Guy Diaries YouTube Channel!

    Nice to see you still active mate don't forget ek9org! :D also a mcm, boostedboiz, pfi speed etc fan! :nice:
  18. Pete180

    ek3 to k20 ek9

    Love the colour of the first one! that green :nice:
  19. Pete180

    Spoon sw388/Regamaster

    You're bumping old posts man from years ago lol