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    CSCC Snetterton 300.

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    The hello

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    My civic, Kasumi

    Looking good.
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    Power steering belt?

    This one should fit 56992-P72-004
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    Traveling to London in May

    I'll let you know, thank you! :)
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    Civic 98 A/C bezel conversion to 99A/C bezel

    You'll need more parts.
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    Exhaust manifold

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    My EK coupe build up

    Love the carbon fiber roof :) Great build, thanks for sharing. :)
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    Traveling to London in May

    Right now I'm looking for hotel in the Paddington area, sorry for my ignorance but I don't know if this area is central london :( Looking on getting tickets for the Chelsea flower show also :) I'm going to create a thread soon asking if there is anyone available for a quick small meet in...
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    Moton Wtcc Honda Accord suspension s

    Super high level suspension, you'll not have any issues. First time I see a "real photo" I've only seen them in catalogues.
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    A few upgrade on they56 ek9

    My dream ek9 :) Congrats.
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    Paintballer´s white EK9 from Germany

    Wow, Spoon goodies.. :bow:
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    New here. From Cali. An i would appreciate some help.

    dc2 parts, it even uses the same CRV size brake pads lol
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    Hi, From south Wales

    :welcome: Post some photos of your car. Do you have a budget for what do you want to do? or is just a many years project ?
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    Traveling to London in May

    The meet would be great, I think the meeting can be difficult because I'll be arriving on monday and leaving on friday :( Thanks for the information I'll be definitely will be visiting the sites you mentioned.
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    New here : after info on my EK9 if previous owners are on here

    Post some photos the car so we can help you out better :)
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    Traveling to London in May

    Hello, yes, only in London. Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it.
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    My ek9 - gwalker124

    Stunning car :)