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  1. Gav-EK9

    Glasgow Meet - Sunday 30th March

    Good times :D
  2. Gav-EK9

    Glasgow Meet - Sunday 30th March

    Haha defo mate, low profile these days, well kinda... :P Once the better weather comes in we'll sort something :nice:
  3. Gav-EK9

    Glasgow Meet - Sunday 30th March

    Haha na, maybe for a while though :D Nice seeing peeps cars looking good :nice:
  4. Gav-EK9

    Glasgow Meet - Sunday 30th March

    Race you Willy ;)
  5. Gav-EK9

    Glasgow Meet - Sunday 30th March

    I start work at 10pm but will pop round to say hi, ef still stored away though :((
  6. Gav-EK9

    2002 ep3 type r

    prov sold :)
  7. Gav-EK9

    2002 ep3 type r

    Cheers guys, yeah it looks even better in the flesh :D
  8. Gav-EK9

    2002 ep3 type r

    Hey guys been a while since ive been on here, hope everyone is doing well and glad to see the forum is as popular as ever :nice: Item for sale: 2002 black ep3 Reputation: Price: £3250ono Paypal: for deposit only Location...
  9. Gav-EK9

    Gym/Fitness thread

    Ha beast, I love that feeling :D Nice one boss keep at it :win:
  10. Gav-EK9

    New Car -E46 M3

    Congrats mate looks awesome, been pondering over getting a z4m coupe next :P
  11. Gav-EK9

    RIP Paul Walker

    R.I.P to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, thoughts go out to their families and friends :( As someone mentioned was a horrible weekend between that and the helicopter crash in Glasgow and the train crash in New York as well, bad times :((
  12. Gav-EK9

    Newbie from all over!

    welcome to the forum, car looks awesome :nice:
  13. Gav-EK9

    Newbie from Ireland

  14. Gav-EK9

    Gym/Fitness thread

    haha beast, the 1st time i ever properly done my calves i was walking round on my tip toes for 2 days lol
  15. Gav-EK9

    Jesse888's ek9 build thread

    wuuft, this is looking ultimate :bow:
  16. Gav-EK9

    Rambo's EK9

    looking great man, give me a shout next time your down this end :D
  17. Gav-EK9

    Been away for a while

    welcome back :D Ah we all know the feeling haha, you'll be back in a 9 in no time :P
  18. Gav-EK9

    Few pics of my EK9

    very nice mate, i'd drop the back a touch and it'll be perfect :nice:
  19. Gav-EK9

    22,235 members!!!! + Donate plz

    Awesome guys :bow:
  20. Gav-EK9

    Hey :)

    :welcome: sweet looking hatch :nice: