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  1. King Sir

    Help With turbo Build Please

    Well lads :nice: In process of building a b16 turbo im going to list what i have i would appreciate if ye could help me with the list :nono: My goal is 280-300bhp Standard internals Cheers to anyone that helps. Heres what i have b16a2 with new headgasket TB Oil pump Water pump and all...
  2. King Sir

    Photobucket not working for pictures

    So ya the boys in photobucket want 500 a year for me to be able to share my photos on this (3rd party hosting) So what do ye use to post your pictures now? I want to update my build threads
  3. King Sir

    S2000 Questions

    So ya i wanted an s2000 for ages an then some years ago i found out that there a disaster for blowing up thye all explode. I only know one person out of about 9 ppl that his s2000 didnt blow up and i think thats because he barley ever drove it... I did some reasearch and found that ap2s have a...
  4. King Sir

    My Daily Ek (Project)

    Well i needed a car with tax an test an i regretted selling my last black ek. (Thread is on here somewhere) So i went out and found this little gem in my hometown. Even though i had never seen it before? Bought it for a steal with tax an nct shes a ej9 1.4 Very lively and healthy engine and...
  5. King Sir

    Where would i get a thicker head gasket for my b18c?

    As above i want to get a thicker one so that the valves dont touch the pistons haha. Where would i get one please? And what would be best size
  6. King Sir

    Will a ferio boot fit an Em1?

    As above haha any info be great thanks. Iv seen it done but i was wondering was it straight forward or is there a nack or custom fab involved. Thanks
  7. King Sir

    Eg6 Cage / x brace favour?

    Hi could someone with an eg6 cage or x brace take mesurments of it for me so i can get one welded up or would that be too much of an ask :secret: Yes i am cheeky haha. If anyone would do it id be very appreciative of it. :) Need to measure the joining bits where it bolts to the car the gaps...
  8. King Sir

    D series questions

    Been a b series head for years but iv ventured into the wonderful world of d series. (probably think im goin backwards but i like em) I want to turbo my d series and i have the standard eco tec box on it at the mo with the long ratios. I have a short ratio box off a d14 at home i was...
  9. King Sir

    B18c Build, Can i get a little help please lads thanks :)

    Rite iv a b18cr with ek9 pistons. block is complete and fully rebuilt. Iv an SiR head that has been built to Type R standards intake and all Civic type R cams valves dual spring the works. What do i need to bolt these two together? B18 head studs? seen as the b18 block is longer ? Yes? head...
  10. King Sir

    Fitting ASR Brace too an eg6 with anti roll bar??

    Well lads. Am i have a ASR brace i want to put under my eg6 but i see the only way i can fit it is by taking off my antiroll bar an im not doin that its there for a reason. Any advice on how to fit it an still keep my antiroll bar as i have seen it done in a picture on google. Maybe i missed...
  11. King Sir

    15"-16" 4x100 wheels

    Lookin for genuine Wheels somethin in 15x7j or 7.5 would be cool and has to clear 282s and teg callipers Would possibly swap my Rays Gram lights for the right wheels Thinkin of Sprinhearts Cprs in 7j 7.5 or somethin similar maybe works Im based in Ireland so that would be better unless...
  12. King Sir

    Js Racing exhaust wanted Eg6

    As above Let me know what ye have please :)
  13. King Sir

    Eg6 Exhaust

    Lookin for somethin genuine like js racin or somethin different with a nice sound everyone seems to have the same thing in ireland which is why i went the custom route but i dont like the tone off it tbh. What have ye got? or would it cost an absolute bomb to post to ireland Lol Thanks
  14. King Sir

    Who would make up stickers/Decals for me? Decals

    Want some decals/stickers made up an cant find anyone. Found one fella an hes too lazy to make em see he wont get back to a load a ppl either so hes just lazy Lol. Anyone want the challenge? Faily easy ones that i want made up :) Iv emailed sticker companies an didnt even get a reply.... Ffs
  15. King Sir

    Js Racing exhaust Opinions :)

    Well People how we now? Am question. I love the sound and look an lightweightness of the js racing 60mm exhaust. But my problem is isnt it too small bein 60? 2.5 is the ideal system for me like an my car is mapped to run 2.5 so wouldnt goin to the js racin decrease performance? Id love one...
  16. King Sir

    My new Daily Eg ;)

    Got this off one the lads an lovin it so far needs a few bits but very happy with it so far. Pulls like a train :) Needs a new gearbox housing but have one there just have to fit it haha. Have to fix idle problem an get the heaters workin ? might be a fuse or a connection or somethin not...
  17. King Sir

    Wiring problem

    We'll lads have a wiring problem I have a thread up here in the technical section but I don't think it can be seen. It's about my radio any help be great thanks il put the link in here
  18. King Sir

    Wireing problem or radio problem need help

    Well lads i dropped off my car to someone to get the heater matrix replaced cos i simply dont have the time or space to do it myself as im so busy. But ever since i got the car back the radio doesnt work.... I have checked it an the earth wire has a slight live pulse. So i cut it an...
  19. King Sir

    My new Daily Ek

    So ya i had a lexus an loved it tbh but sold it an went back to the honda scene as was spending too much on the lexus. :( pity but sure here.... I got this just to do while my other car is away for paint so i wont have it long id say. But heres what iv done so far. Took off the standard...