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  1. Gav-EK9

    2002 ep3 type r

    Hey guys been a while since ive been on here, hope everyone is doing well and glad to see the forum is as popular as ever :nice: Item for sale: 2002 black ep3 Reputation: Price: £3250ono Paypal: for deposit only Location...
  2. Gav-EK9

    Children in Need

    My missus is doing a sponsored silence for children in need on the 15th of November. Will be hard for her as she never shuts up lol. If you care to donate a couple a quid for a good cause here is the link: Kirsten Donaghy is fundraising for BBC Children in Need Safe to say I will be...
  3. Gav-EK9

    Honda meet Glasgow Sunday 20.10.13

    Thought i'd fire this up on here in case anyone aint seen it on fb. "Location - Halfords Braehead then multi-storey for pictures and stuff, Postcode is - G51 4BT if you dont know where it is. Start time 1830" Should be good there are quite a few people going, be nice to see some of...
  4. Gav-EK9

    New daily Batmobile

    Was needing a new daily driver for the missus to use for work etc and this took my fancy :D The owner took a shine to my dc2 so we came to a px deal. Great condition with some tasteful mods
  5. Gav-EK9

    Gordon Ramsey... Brilliant !

    Gordon Ramsey: How to treat a lady - YouTube
  6. Gav-EK9

    Forum down

    Hey guys, apologies for the forum being down for a few hours last night / this morning, the server went down and we just had to wait it out until it was sorted sadly. Thanks for your patience everyone :nice: Mod team.
  7. Gav-EK9

    Monster Unit Subaru Impreza sti

    On behalf of a mate. Item for sale: Impreza sti Reputation: Price: £6750 Paypal: No Location: Glasgow Condition: Good Description: Full service history Tax 2014 MOT 2014 Specification: Milltek – Full 3” exhaust...
  8. Gav-EK9

    Wow !

    Auction Details - Honda NSX Type R - NA2 Facelift | Torque GT That is all...
  9. Gav-EK9

    Monster Unit at Scottish Car Show 2013

    Was a great show this year with some serious cars on display ! We grabbed "Best Club Stand" trophy again, big thanks to all that took part and helped out to make the stand what it was :nice: Pics by Brian Chan and Danny Yau.
  10. Gav-EK9

    SCS prep

    Me and a couple mates met up today for some preparation for the Scottish Car Show on Sunday. Always good to get dinner and a catch up :D
  11. Gav-EK9

    Oh dear

  12. Gav-EK9

    Monster Unit track night 2013

    Pics courtesy of Danny Yau Photography and Minty.Fresh
  13. Gav-EK9

    Interior bits, seats, wheels etc

    Item for sale: Rear seats, most plastics, rear mats, roof lining, sun visors, seat belts, spare wheel etc Reputation: Price: Offers please as its just clutter in the house now i need away lol. Paypal: Yes Location: Glasgow Condition...
  14. Gav-EK9

    Made my day

    Mexican Wrestler Dropkicks Midget in a Monkey suit - YouTube
  15. Gav-EK9

    Harness Anyone ?....

    WTF is this advert all about :nono: RJS Racing Equipment 4 point racing harness | eBay "more pictures by request"... eh na no thanks :eew::lol:
  16. Gav-EK9


    After a set of coilovers for the kanjo 9 Not too fussed on brand as long as they're decent and good nick etc. If there is not much about i'll just buy brand new. Cheers :nice:
  17. Gav-EK9

    Project Kanjo

    Hey chaps ok so the story starts like this. Selling the dc2 turbo as I wanted another ek9 and still got the ef etc so no space for them all to be honest. I found an immaculate example last week, spoke to the guy to arrange to go pick it up etc and all was well.. So then 2 days before I am...
  18. Gav-EK9

    Irish peeps

    Me and the missus are staying in Belfast tonight, anyone fancies meeting up for a bit later fire me a pm or somethin :D
  19. Gav-EK9

    Midnight Purple Dc2 type r turbo

    Have put a deposit down on another car so the teggy needs to go :(( Item for sale: Midnight Purple DC2 Turbo Reputation: Price: £5250ono Paypal: For deposit only Location: Glasgow Condition: Great Description: For sale here is my...
  20. Gav-EK9

    Brand new BC Racing BR Coilovers

    These BC Racing BR Series Coilovers are dc2/eg fitment I have received an offer for my dc2 that I just can't refuse so have no more use for these, still wrapped up in the box, never been fitted to a car. Item for sale: BC Racing BR Coilovers Reputation...