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  1. Jake Renton

    Ek9 Rear Spoiler

    Hello, So I'm looking at buying a genuine Ek9 wing & baseplate, the price is at £250 or best offer? Is this a reasonable price for one? My Ek9 came into the country with an ugly wing with a brake light on it and I really want to go OEM. Is anyone selling one on here? Any help would be much...
  2. Jake Renton

    Quick question on my Ek9?

    Hello, after a couple of months of having my Ek9 relatively loud, I want to go quiet again. So I'm looking for some quick advise on gasket sizes, I am having to order them online (Tegiwa) as no garage around me stocks import car parts. So, I'm needing a gasket from the: - manifold to the...
  3. Jake Renton

    Questions about my Ek9

    Thanks for the reply :) Yeah, i tried changing the battery but with no luck. I'll have a look at those systems! Do you know anywhere that have a good reputation for fitting? I'll give it a go next weekend and post back at my progress! I heard that with the harness's, I think I'll stick with the...
  4. Jake Renton

    Best purchase I ever made!

    Best purchase I ever made!
  5. Jake Renton

    Questions about my Ek9

    Hello all :)) I've got a couple questions hopefully you guys can help me with! Being as this is my first Honda I thought theres no better place to come to for help than;):please: Okay so when I picked up the car it came with a remote locking system, (a cheap aftermarket one, I'm...
  6. Jake Renton

    2.5" Adjustable Decat

    Hello, still for sale mate?
  7. Jake Renton

    New Ek9 Owner - Scottish Borders

    Where do you order the miesterR coilovers to get the discount?
  8. Jake Renton

    New Ek9 Owner - Scottish Borders

    Yeah man, I go to college at gala !! Don't think so hahaha too many people around here called Renton :D
  9. Jake Renton

    New Ek9 Owner - Scottish Borders

    Thank you :) I live near Coldstream !!
  10. Jake Renton

    New Ek9 Owner - Scottish Borders

    Hello, My name is Jake, I have owned my Ek9 for just over a month and I'm in love! Its my first Type R and I can't over how good it is! (and not gonna lie, I love all the attention it gets) Being new to this scene I have a couple questions I hope you guys could help me with? Okay so firstly I...