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  1. Nathan Brooks

    CL-1 EuroR work

    Thanks bro
  2. Nathan Brooks

    My CL1 EuroR

    Hey man, been busy from "last year" lol airport work. Truth be told, simple fuel system upgrade, upgrade to a hondata and thats it.
  3. Nathan Brooks

    CL-1 EuroR work

    So thursday evening i started working on my car at 7pm and never finish until 4am lol (thank god my days off from work at thursdays and fridays!). Changed the suspension, fix one of the foglights, flush the radiator out and put in that awesome Zerex Blue coolant and drain the gearbox oil since...
  4. Nathan Brooks

    My CL1 EuroR

    Thanks man, you should get one lol, my brother has a subaru and in the past a evo3 and even him said he enjoyed driving the Euro!
  5. Nathan Brooks

    My CL1 EuroR

    So most of you that know i've gotten a cl1 as a daily until i'm fully completed with the Hswap EK then im gonna drive that and put the euro down for some bodywork and paint but here are a few photos of Carnage. The 3 amigo R's Here's a recent shot of Venom getting some food
  6. Nathan Brooks

    Enjoying my CL1 Euro-R

    Enjoying my CL1 Euro-R
  7. Nathan Brooks

    Plans for your car this weekend?

    Changing my suspension, Wheel bearings, gearbox oil & coolant on the CL1R:))
  8. Nathan Brooks

    My Ride's

    Hey Guys, haven't been on in a while, for those of you who haven't seen my build, it's at this link here My EK, cleaned it off at 3am lol, was doing some work at the garage and never left till 6am to go home but made sure...
  9. Nathan Brooks

    Yonaka swap axles, real great axles buddy, I have them in my EK...

    Yonaka swap axles, real great axles buddy, I have them in my EK
  10. Nathan Brooks

    Finally joining the dark side

    Hey man, i actually have one myself and what i'm going for is say Injectors, fuel pump and hondata for both my CL-1 Accord & EK since i have a H22a in my EK as well
  11. Nathan Brooks

    My H22a Swap EK Build

    I've been watching Defi gauges, bit pricey but they look good quality and the DC2R that is next to my car has defi gauges in it, i did ask him if he wanted to sell them to me
  12. Nathan Brooks

    Stock ek9 exhaust

    Hey bro, have you check HMOnline? they have nearly any JDM part you can inquiry even a CTR pan, check them out buddy.
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  14. Nathan Brooks

    My H22a Swap EK Build

    This car came with fog lights from the factory so I'll be putting them back in once the car goes back into the shop! Check out the stock Calipers I happen to clean, spray & bake in gold.
  15. Nathan Brooks

    Build In Progress

    Build In Progress
  16. Nathan Brooks

    My H22a Swap EK Build

    Bro i'm so excited to get it to the shop, you haven't seen anything yet, the interior will shock people and i have the stuff in my closet, i got my Tuck Harness yesterday as well but was super busy so couldn't get to put it in. I am looking on which gauges to use for my air/fuel ratio, Oil PSI...
  17. Nathan Brooks

    My H22a Swap EK Build

    Thanks Pete glad you like it, tis a fancy paint and funny enough I have the lip at my house but as the mechanical side of the car is finished, it's going straight in the paint booth so I'll put on the lip then
  18. Nathan Brooks

    My H22a Swap EK Build

    So this is my build I've been doing from June 2015, all started when I wanted to swap out the D15B I happen to have in my car and was pondering on what to drop in the car, felt B & K but H really caught my attention since people always go to K. This was my first car, Her name was Cindy, clutch...
  19. Nathan Brooks

    Mugen CL1 Euro-R

    ITR 98 Stock Rims:fapfap:
  20. Nathan Brooks

    New guy from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Hey guys, Been kind of following and recently registered to show off my H-Swap EK and showing people the kind of style I'm going for. I'm from Grand Cayman where JDM cars are huge on this small island, believe me when I say this :win: Look forward to show off my build to the community...