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    Ek4 si ferio shocks

    EK hatch shocks fit as well (front and rear). I've got coilovers made for EK9 on my 4-door
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    Has anyone used these K-swap exhaust manifolds?

    Thanks for the helpful replies. Quality was my main concern, but I haven't read anything bad about them anywhere yet. Found out that a friend uses one of the k-tuned budget headers on his k20 ek9 and he hasn't had any complaints. It has been running fine for over a year now.
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    Has anyone used these K-swap exhaust manifolds?

    Looking to buy an exhaust manifold for the k-swap on my EK. Found these decently priced ones from Hybrid Racing and K-Tuned. Has anyone used these and can provide me with a review (fitment, power/torque, build quality etc)...
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    Here is my new purchase, EK4 VTI

    Nice car! I was after a black EK4 for so long, but could never find anything clean. I think best performance mod is always gearbox first
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    EK4 front seats, B16 airbox

    Looking to buy: EK4 front seats EK4 B16 Airbox with pipes EK Front wheel arch guards (both sides) Thanks
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    Recommendations on where to buy tyres (online)

    Thanks, unfortunately camskill don't have the tyres I want
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    Recommendations on where to buy tyres (online)

    Where do most people here buy tyres from? I found a set of new tyres I would like on , does anyone have any reviews on buying from there?
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    EK Breaking

    Price on the manifold please, if it's still available.
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    BIG K swap/race car list - New parts

    I have messaged you
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    K-swap DC5 shifter question

    Is it possible to fit the DC5 shifter and cables (to EK4) without cutting the centre section and instead sending the cables through the firewall?
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    Clutch master cylinder

    My car is a 96 civic ek4 saloon. Need a clutch master cylinder
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    EK saloon near/passenger side rear door handle

    Forgot to add. Need the outer handle
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    EK saloon near/passenger side rear door handle

    As the title says. 1996 EK civic saloon
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    Single din facelift ek facia panel

    Need this to fit my single din head unit as the car used to have a double din head unit. This is for my ek4, it has a jdm facelift dash
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    2005 Honda Civic Ep3 Type R

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    New Ferio member from Ireland

    Very nice, I miss my one a lot.
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    Big Spec JDM Honda Civic Ep3 K20 for Breaking

    Me too. I'm after one red recaro
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    This is lovely. Nice story of how you got it, will definitely have that sentimental value to it. I'm always happy when I see such a clean condition car, even if there's nothing special under the bonnet. Looks great with the simple mods too
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    Blue DC5 Recaro Seat - Mint Condition