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  1. JohnTurbo

    B16a2 wiring loom help.

    Happy to snap any connectors that you're unsure of.
  2. JohnTurbo

    B16a2 wiring loom help.

    Some snaps below. A couple are just for you to check the loom is sat/connected in approx the right position. Earth point:- Connector from the sensor in the end of the head:- (Brown/white and Green/black i think) Map sensor plug (just for ref) IAT sensor (for ref)
  3. JohnTurbo

    B16a2 wiring loom help.

    Need to take a look at my car (which is at work). Photo three (round connector) looks correct for that sensor though. I suspect that rectangular 2 pin connector should go elsewhere.
  4. JohnTurbo

    No VTPS on engine loom

    Ahh I read your post as no Vtec solenoid connection!
  5. JohnTurbo

    No VTPS on engine loom

    Presumably the loom is a non-vtec loom? (ie even the 1.5 EK3 loom would have the connector). If thats the case I gather it can be adapted to work, but not something I've done myself. A b series loom is the preferred start point.
  6. JohnTurbo

    B16a2 wiring loom help.

    Its a fun game that one and no mistake. My advice is to get the engine into the car, the loom in position and to work round the engine starting at the alternator. It is very definitely possible to connect a couple wrong, but most have a natural reach that suggests where they go when you plug in...
  7. JohnTurbo

    Fan not turning on

    Have you bridged the connector at the fan switch to see if it works then? Tried running the fan on 12v direct?
  8. JohnTurbo

    !HELP¡ trailing arm disaster

    This came up on a facebook group. The bolt has shearedinto the sliding captive nut? Using a small dremel disk to cut access and then weld back up afterwards was the proposed solution. Assuming from your description that drilling carefully is not possible?
  9. JohnTurbo

    JDM Quartet. Y56 EK9, B18C EG6 SiR2, K20 96 DC2, Red 96 DC2

    Glad to see my new DC2 is coming together. ;);)
  10. JohnTurbo

    The build

    Looks good!
  11. JohnTurbo

    Ek9 vtec not engaging

    It needs 57psi(?) for the ecu to activate it. If the pressure was say 50psi it would still manually engage. An issue with sensing pressure would be more likely perhaps - as it would be pretty bad for 57psi never to hit. A gauge perhaps? Swapping temperature sensor and solenoid with known good...
  12. JohnTurbo

    Ek9 vtec not engaging

    Oil pressure is ok? Engine temperature sensor perhaps? Both are needed for it to activate I think.
  13. JohnTurbo

    Donnington Park Track Day 21/6/2021

    Have one booked early July or would have liked to have come.
  14. JohnTurbo

    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    Serious bad luck here. :-( Very sorry to see your issues persist.
  15. JohnTurbo

    EK9 OEM Seatbelts

    An interesting difference. I expect its just down to the unwanted weight of the slider bar - probably 400g per side.
  16. JohnTurbo

    JDM Quartet. Y56 EK9, B18C EG6 SiR2, K20 96 DC2, Red 96 DC2

    Nice! Either my EJ or my kitcar have a trackday booked for 12th July at Croft. My first in a couple of years!
  17. JohnTurbo

    LSD from S9B in a S4C Gear Box

    Old post I know but where it was once true that 4.4 or 4.8 FD boxes were affordable, this is decreasinglythe case. This is duplicated from my build thread to a small degree, but basically its possible to make a VTI Y21/S4C 'better' with a S9B LSD (and final drive), or to make a S98 'better'...
  18. JohnTurbo

    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Done a few more bits on the civic after a pause where I was working on the Porsche. * First up I replaced the rest of the poly bushes in the RTAs as a couple looked a shade worn. * The rear engine mount is an adapted EG style mount and was hitting metal, so this was modifed with a welder and...
  19. JohnTurbo

    JDM Quartet. Y56 EK9, B18C EG6 SiR2, K20 96 DC2, Red 96 DC2

    If you find you don't get a chance - I know of a nice silver shed that could be reshelled ;-)
  20. JohnTurbo

    dc2 4.7FD into s4c problems

    Old thread but piqued my interest as I'm messing with gearboxes right now. As a matter of record, the standard VTI/S4C open diff ring dear has the 110mm ID as speculated in this thread.