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  1. spikeyhairdude

    My K24 Frank Turbo EK9

    So this is my build Thread for my ek9. So in October 2016, i was looking for a rolling shell ek9 to start my next build. I didn't want a complete one as i would've kept it stock. luckily i came across the one i purchased that had no engine, no seats, steering wheel, no rear wing. So a nice...
  2. spikeyhairdude

    Few parts

    Vtis rear lip or type r rear lip dont mind what colour asling these are real and not reps.
  3. spikeyhairdude

    Ek9 seat rails

    Looking for ek9 seats rails to fit my atr seats.
  4. spikeyhairdude

    Ek9 seat rails

    Looking for ek9 seat rails
  5. spikeyhairdude

    Ek9 parts wanted.

    No reps please I have a facelift ej9 in clover green. Looking for oem rear lip. If clover green then il be happy. If not still ok. Also ek9 rear recess. Tab need to be there. Ek9 or sir grill.
  6. spikeyhairdude

    HEPUK Mimms, Hatfield 14/10/12

    I was with hepuk for south mimms, Hatfield meet. Was brilliant. Here is the video that everyone was waiting for. All recorded from the silver civic ep2. The pictures they took at mimms http://www.facebook....46832083&type=3 Remeber to like the facebook page aswell...
  7. spikeyhairdude

    South Mimms + Hatfield 14/10/12

    Dont know if this is in the correct place Here are my shots the came from the convoy from ace cafe to mimms. Also pictures from hatefield meet. Most are taken from my canon camera but lost focus at night thats why there are a few bad pictures. Currently still uploading pictures that i took...
  8. spikeyhairdude

    Photo uploader to websites

    What is the best website to upload pictures to. For example. Photbucket etc. I need a good one as im want to upload more pictures to the site.
  9. spikeyhairdude

    Grand theft auto san andreas on ps2

    Looking for A barely scratched Grand theft auto san andreas on ps2 for very cheap. Looking for a local pickup up to 5 miles fom ha7 2qh. I dont have a car or paypal so i cant pickup from very far away or pay online. I can pay on pickup. Cheers
  10. spikeyhairdude

    Where can I get these paints from.

    Im looking for a company that sells championship white and sunlight yellow y56 in spray can form. My bike needs a respray and i was thinking of these colours so it can match an ek9 abit. Or if theres a company near my location that can spray my frame for me. Im located in stanmore ha7.
  11. spikeyhairdude

    Black ek civic on kenton road.

    Saw it parked up outside tyre and exhaust shop at around 6:50pm If it was anyone on here. Looked quite nice.
  12. spikeyhairdude

    Honda domani front end

    Acura EL/ Honda Domani front end Anyone in the uk supply this front end or does it have to be imported from the usa
  13. spikeyhairdude

    bronze 5spoke RIAL wheels

    Posted this up for a good mate as he has not reached 250 post yet to sell thing. Please Message jarvis483 JDM EK9 Honda Civic Type R Forum - View Profile: jarvis483 Item for sale: 4x 15x7" bronze 5spoke RIAL wheels in 4x100 pcd ET38 and correct centre bore for my EJ9 so should fit...
  14. spikeyhairdude

    Rapid EP3

    Honda Civic Type-R 750ps, Europe's Fastest... - YouTube Fast. But stickers ruin the look
  15. spikeyhairdude

    EJ9 First car insurance price

    Hi. Iv just turned 17 and is about to start my driving test. I was wondering how much is insurance on a stock ej9. and ios it cheaper to hav multi drivers on the car.
  16. spikeyhairdude

    jdm dc2 front conversion on to a EK

    When I get my Civic. Im thinking of doing a jdm dc2 front conversion on to a ek. Just trying to be different to other ek on the road. I have always loved the Jdm dc2 front end but would rather have it on a ek. Any one got any pictures or tutorials.
  17. spikeyhairdude

    Where to get parts from

    What is the chepest place/websites to buy parts for a civic in the UK. I have been using Funkypower and somethings they sell seem way to expensive. Tell me what sites do you use. Thanks.
  18. spikeyhairdude

    Rear Lips

    What rear lips are there to get. I can only find type r rear lips and I wanted to see if there was anything else on the market. Cheers:)
  19. spikeyhairdude

    EK/EJ Bodyshapes

    are the shapes all the same and does some have longer extending bumpers, iv seen few civics and some seem longer then others but i dont know. Thanks
  20. spikeyhairdude

    Gran Turismo 5 meet

    Anyone wanna have a meet/ cruise on gran Turismo 5. My psn is spikeyhairdude . I usually drive hondas as i love them Im online most of the time. Once more people want to cruise then il add a proper date