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  1. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    The magnet broke in the gearbox and destroyed some of my bearings, Spent whole day with another magnet and a little flat filler gage Fishing the bits out , It was everywhere, DO NOT USE EVER .
  2. Leej8

    Exedy spring failure

    Only about 20km on this clutch major failure with multiple springs, The clutch itself looks very new and fresh What's the chance of refund from warranty?
  3. Leej8

    B16a sir2 datalog reading help

    Can anyone tell me if my readings are good or bad is my o2 sensor slow ? Because I changed it for a stuck o2 sensor that was stuck at 0.18v , the o2 sensor I'm using is a spare one I had not new ,thanks very much ☺ the video clears up about 15 seconds into it.
  4. Leej8

    WTD double core half rad

    Look for double core rad if anyone has one for sale be it from a Irish seller or from our cousins across the water UK Let us know how much it will cost posted from UK . From Irish seller iv a courier service to collect it . P.s It's for a gt starlet so one from them will also do . Thanks a lot.
  5. Leej8

    Very cheap honda parts , new . This site is very cheap for parts ,I thought I'd post it here for others, Input shaft bearing 18 euro , think it's 60 euro for input shaft bearing and seal and right and left drive shaft seal for gearbox, That's 60 euro delivered.
  6. Leej8

    O2 sensor reading HELP

    Ok my mot / nct failed me on reading of 1.07 All other readings are low idle 800 rpm Co 0.00 vol% HC 11 ppm High idle 2.760rpm lambda 1.07 Co 0.00 vol% HC 12 ppm Now my dataloger says my lambda is good jumps from 08 to 90 with nice wavelength. Would that reading be saying that I have a...
  7. Leej8

    Rear left caliper ek4 vti sir

    Looking for rear left caliper if anyone has one , Standard caliper for civic coupe vti , sir , or whatever fits , Thanks guys . Having a nightmare of a time with it ,
  8. Leej8

    Hi I'm looking for one cam cap bolt

    I was doing valve adjustment yesterday and have just noticed I'm missing a cam cap bolt also I need a valve cover stud If anyone can help that would be great , as seen ,
  9. Leej8


    Looking for the top piece off the centre armrest from eg9 , It's just the little square plastic bit , It's for a British Facebook friend of mine if anyone can help me/him It would be great , he has Paypal and is willing to pay the price for that piece. IT'S THE TOP BIT OF THE ARM REST
  10. Leej8

    Buy buy buy !

    Looks like I can spend my money in the UK now and get a good deal . Or take a spin up north to buy Xmas stuff , The UK pound is at a good rate for us euro bound folks
  11. Leej8

    Ek9 for 5600euro

    Just thought I'd put this up , not mine or anyone I know . But cheap ek9 for someone.
  12. Leej8

    Break shudder ,

    Ok I started to get break shudder on the left front side , Before this happened I greased up the slider pins , But I may have put to much in , Just now I wiped of all grease and rechecked everything is good , All bushing are good ,tie rod is good , engine mounts are good , Drive shaft is good ...
  13. Leej8

    Ek9 for 5600euro

    Just thought I'd post this up here , nothing to do with me it's just on my local Facebook page
  14. Leej8


    Not mine ,don't even know the fella selling, but thought I'd let you guys know ,
  15. Leej8

    Flat out ! Must watch

  16. Leej8

    Inform yourself must watch

    Please vote wisely, but vote
  17. Leej8

    How do you feel now post Brexit?

    Are you going to vote , if so why ?
  18. Leej8

    Sorted thanks for the help jesse

    I'm looking for a wheel bearing and am wondering if this is the right Size for my car 98 civic 1.6 sohc vtec is the body code Has abs and 4×100 Thanks in advance guys . WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE ALSO ?
  19. Leej8

    Civic coupe lambo killer ! ×2

    Very very cool video,
  20. Leej8

    Spamming? Alert.

    Got this in my inbox He asking for parts to buy ?