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  1. d_ek9

    Looking for a ek9

    Any ek9s for sale?
  2. d_ek9

    Civic ek squib

    Hi need a airbag squib for a civic ek
  3. d_ek9

    Ek9 rear mounts

    Hi am looking for the rear engine mount that bolts onto the subframe for a ek9. I think the vti civic is the same.
  4. d_ek9


    Anyone got a arm rest for a ek civic in black
  5. d_ek9

    Ek9 driver side hub

    Hi im after a drivers side front hub for my ek9 with the balljoint
  6. d_ek9

    Ek9 Subframe

    Anyone got a ek9 Subframe? Are they difference to normal ek civics and dc2s
  7. d_ek9

    Stock ek9 suspension

    Just purchased some stock ek9 suspension but has a few issues so returning it back. Anyone got the stock ek9 suspension in good condition with no leaks or knocks. If anyone has the stock setup and is looking to upgrade to coilovers. I have meister r on the car at the moment we could do a deal on
  8. d_ek9

    Ek9 Suspension

    Just purchased some stock ek9 suspension. What i found with them is the coil spring has no tension and the spring moves up and down. I always thought the spring is always tensioned tight and can only be removed with a coil spring compressor. Does something sound wrong with the suspension?
  9. d_ek9

    Throttle body bolts

    Hi im after stock bolts for my ek9 throttle body as my skunk2 ones are different.
  10. d_ek9

    Dc2 intake

    Hi Looking for a dc2 intake pipe and airbox
  11. d_ek9

    Idle air control valve

    Looking for a iacv for my ek9. My revs keep hunting, i've cleaned it but its doing the same thing
  12. d_ek9

    Throttle body

    I have a ek9 with a skunk2 70mm throttle body and its sticking all the time. Was after a stock ek9 throttle body to replace it with. Are the ek9 ones the same as the b16a and b18s?
  13. d_ek9

    Ek9 stock throttle body

    Looking for a stock ek9 throttle body
  14. d_ek9

    Ek9 Dial Cluster Surround

    Hi am after a ek9 black dial cluster surround. thanks
  15. d_ek9

    Ek9 Leicester

    Was driving on Uppingham road just past the speed camera going towards shell petrol station in my ek9 and spotted you coming the other way in your ek9 about 4pm. You flashed your lights at me. Anyone on here?
  16. d_ek9


    Hi am after the driver side bottom wishbone for my civic ek9. Thanks
  17. d_ek9

    Pulling to the left

    Hi guys. Just purchased my ek9 last week and its pulling to the left. I had it on the ramp and everything seems to be ok but i could feel the play in the driver side tie rod so ive changed that and that solved that problem. Got my 4 wheel alignment done and its still pulling to the left. Didn't...
  18. d_ek9

    First ek9

    Hi Guys got myself my first civic. Its a ek9 in white. Thought i would join up and subscribe to the forum. Im from Leicester. Dip