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  1. ALEX-CY

    Ek9 red recaro cloth for door trim

    can anyone know from where I can buy this?
  2. ALEX-CY

    custom exhaust

    hi just make a custom 60mm exhaust with 2 resonators and 1 muffler. I like it too much and the sound is perfect. the only problem is the drone sound on highways. is not very loud but I don't like it. I thinking to install a silencer on the back. what do you think guys? any recommendations My...
  3. ALEX-CY

    hondata tuning

    dose anyone from here knows if hondata can control the idle with the a/c on like power fc?
  4. ALEX-CY

    S2000 brake into EK9

    can we do this?
  5. ALEX-CY

    ek9 wheel spacer

    hi aim looking to buy 10mm wheel spacer. any good ones?
  6. ALEX-CY

    help from jdm dc2 owners

    hi can anyone from here which has jdm dc2 tell me how much volts get from the eld on idle and how much volts get from the eld on idle with the a/c on? it will help me a lot. you can measure this with a voltmeter or a scan tool from the obd thanks Alex.
  7. ALEX-CY

    Cluster led lights

    one lamp inside my cluster is not working and I have to replace it. is anyone from here replace these bulbs with led?how they look?
  8. ALEX-CY

    power fc or hondata

    power fc or hondata for street car. ek with b18cr I use to have power fc on my b16b and I was very happy. very stable idle and never had any problem. I hear that hondata is better. I think tuners can help on this thanks.
  9. ALEX-CY


    what is the air fuel ratio on stock b18cr at idle. mine is between 20-1 and 23-1. if I rev up the engine go to normal (14-1 and 15-1) . the idle speed is ok I use p73 ecu
  10. ALEX-CY

    best honda song

    love it
  11. ALEX-CY

    Need some help

    hi. when I switch on my a/c on and the engine is gold the idle revs is ok. after the engine start to get hot I have very low revs(500-400) and the engine is start to shake. when the engine is on normal temperate everything is ok. I have an ek with ek9(1999) loom and b18cr 96spec engine and oem...
  12. ALEX-CY

    aircon info

    I will full service my a/c and I will replace the drier for it. I want to know how much Freon needs the ek9 a/c and how much oil. I tried to find it on the internet with no luck is anybody from here have the ek9 service manual? thanks
  13. ALEX-CY

    Hondata s300 opinions

    anyone have any experience on hondata. I have ek with b18cr stock. any for sale thanks
  14. ALEX-CY

    ek9-dc2 service manual

    can anyone supply me with these manuals? can I download them from somewhere? thanks-Alex.
  15. ALEX-CY


    why on b16b and b18cr the coolant past from the idle valve? the idle valve don't measure the heat
  16. ALEX-CY

    need this part

    I want a Suzuki genuine oxygen sensor the p/n is 18213-54d00 (denso)
  17. ALEX-CY

    what tyre

    hi. I have dc2 wheels 98 spec on my ek. I have 205/45/16 tyre on them and I don't like how they look. I think the 205 is to thin on dc2 wheels. I need some more wide tyre, like 215 or even 225. is anyone from here use dc2 wheels with wide tires? any pictures? thank
  18. ALEX-CY

    need some help

    I have a small problems and I need your help 1. my idle rpm is around 500. I want it around 800 2. when the engine is not very hot and put the air con. on the rpm drop to 300rpm and some times 200 rpm. when the engine gets hot its works ok(around 600-700 rpm) any ideas? my engine is b18cr 96spec
  19. ALEX-CY

    what make is this manifold

    is anyone knows what make is this manifold? it is ceramic and bought from usa. thanks
  20. ALEX-CY

    want to buy a genuine part

    can anyone from here can supply me with this part number? 51722-SS0-004 I want 2. it the front bump stopper inside the shock for the dc2